• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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Christopher Oluwatosin speaks on importance of quality in new film ‘Indulgence’

Christopher Oluwatosin speaks on importance of quality in new film ‘Indulgence’

Christopher Oluwatosin, a Nigerian-born actor and movie producer based in the United Kingdom, has recently produced a new film called ‘Indulgence.’

This is as Oluwatosin stressed on the importance of not compromising on quality in film production.

The movie explores the importance of raising children with good values and avoiding the indulgence of their bad behavior, focusing on the theme of family.

Oluwatosin, an acclaimed international actor, believes that the storyline of the film is one that families and individuals can learn from.

He is highly selective about the stories he produces, always looking for a compelling narrative that can inspire and educate.

Producing the film involved a thorough post-production process, including editing, color correction, and grading. According to Oluwatosin, finding the right actors who can interpret the story he is producing is crucial.

He emphasizes the importance of working with actors who can bring the story to life, as not every actor can play every role.

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As a filmmaker, Oluwatosin knows that the public is not always aware of the challenges faced by filmmakers during production. For instance, a lack of a designated film village where producers can film without being harassed by extortionists demanding money can be a significant hurdle.

Oluwatosin stresses the importance of working closely with a talented writer and creative director.

While the quality of a film can depend on the budget and available finances, he believes that quality should always come before quantity. If finances are tight, he recommends going back to the drawing board and re-strategizing rather than producing something subpar.

According to Oluwatosin, a good story and a talented director with a clear vision are essential for creating a well-produced film.

Finding actors who can interpret the story well, scouting for the right location, and obtaining the necessary equipment for the job are also crucial. A skilled production manager can assist with budget breakdowns.

The Nigerian film industry has been growing and evolving, thanks in part to the emergence of Nollywood. Oluwatosin believes that Nollywood has broken the stereotype of how the world views Nigeria and has opened up opportunities to showcase the country’s diverse cultures.

He is confident that his latest film, “Christopher King,” will be a success when it is released in cinemas and on Netflix, thanks to the compelling story and talented creative director he worked with, Saheed Apanpa.

In conclusion, Oluwatosin hopes that audiences will watch “Indulgence” and learn from its message about the importance of family values.

He also encourages filmmakers to prioritize quality over quantity and hopes that the Nigerian film industry will continue to thrive and showcase the country’s rich cultural diversity.