• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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“…And the two shall become One”

3 positionings you need to connect to the right partner

In the real design of marriage, independence does not exist. If the two have become one, then they cannot do without each other; they are completely dependent on themselves. This is a very advantageous setup because two heads, abilities, careers, resources, wisdom etc have become one.

In some marriages, couples are in competition with themselves or trying to claim independent achievements. They act like there is a trophy to be won for being the best. This is a wrong use of the unlimited resources and teamwork enablement that is now available.

Some couples go as far as consulting outsiders about a project/ decision before discussing it with their spouses because they ignorantly think outsiders will know better. This act makes them disregard the presence of their spouse. If this is you, take heed! You are wasting your natural resources. Your spouse may not be vast, but they have the best interest of the family at heart and so their contribution will be in favour of the family. It is important to note that there is absolutely no award given for the best spouse or best in achievements. If a spouse disagrees with a certain decision, consider their opinions for they may just be right. Do not allow your emotions and sentiments cloud your judgement.

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As we know that one person does not make a team, so also one person does not make up a marriage. Every single member of the team is highly important and should be adequately acknowledged to achieve success. Avoid allowing disagreements, misunderstandings, pride, or societal values deprive you of the great benefits of being married. You have a great advantage, and you can do more now. It’s a huge mistake to see your person as a liability. This will blindfold you from recognizing the values.

This dependence must reflect in your prayers, discussions, decision making, living and in every aspect of life. It would interest you to know that God took a part of a man to make a woman and as a result, the man is not complete without the woman and vice-versa. If you could do it alone, you would not be married.

In addition, if you have been disregarding your spouse, it is not too late to make amends. Acknowledge them and let them know how important their contributions are to the success of the home. Appreciate them always and consult them at every point. If a player in a football team scores a goal, the entire team celebrates and rejoice. This should be applied to marriage, a win for one is a win for all.

In conclusion, independence is not a word that applies to marriage. Marriage is an institution that was established on total dependence. Together, in agreement and unity, you can move mountains!