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A Bitter Sadness turned into a Sweet One -A Review of Ngozi Onyia’s The Beautiful Pink Butterfly

A Bitter Sadness turned into a Sweet One -A Review of Ngozi Onyia’s The Beautiful Pink Butterfly

Title: The Beautiful Pink Butterfly: Memories of Patricia

Author: Ngozi Onyia

Publisher: Rock’s Cities Ltd

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 191

Category: Memoir

The Beautiful Pink Butterfly, a graphic memoir by Ngozi Onyia, is a moving account of a mother’s struggle to save her daughter’s life.

The story unfolds in chronological sequence, and its success comes from its honest portrayal of a mother’s fight to save her kid. It’s not just a story about a sick kid, though; it’s a story about life, conveyed with humor and bravery and compassion.

Ngozi Onyia’s youngest child, Patricia, is the focus of the narrative and one who is experiencing health problems. As the memoir makes clear, having the responsibility of looking after a loved one who suffers from CHARGE syndrome is a challenging one.

Since Patricia’s birth, her parents Ngozi and Ejoifor Onyia have been relentlessly searching for solutions to her health issues. But when it comes to keeping an eye on their child’s well-being, no one is more vigilant than Ngozi.

As you read Ngozi Onyia’s book, you will feel as though you are a part of the fascinating human drama that is her life as the mother of a kid with a rare ailment. Aside from being a skilled doctor, the author is also a gifted storyteller, and her narrative is sure to keep readers glued to their seats.

Concerned about her daughter’s health, Ngozi Onyia conducted extensive research. However, this medical crisis became the focal point of the Onyia’s everyday existence. It had an impact on the parents, children, siblings, grandparents, and friends of the family.

It would appear that in her pursuit of a cure for her daughter’s disease, Ngozi Onyia is willing to spend an endless amount of money on medical consultations, even if doing so would result in her filing for personal bankruptcy. Despite this, the author does not appear to be excessively concerned with how the reader may perceive her to be unstable.

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As the author and her daughter visit various medical professionals in search of answers and treatment, the reader will experience the author’s pain and frustration firsthand. Many readers will find the book to be a shockingly honest portrayal of the healthcare system in South Africa.

Patricia’s story may come as a shock to readers who do not have children that require special care. However, the author assumes the role of a sister and friend for the parent of a sick child.

A lot of feeling and emotion goes into Onyia’s narrative telling. Along the journey, she acquires a wealth of knowledge, which we in turn gain through her exposition.

The author’s unwavering optimism and fortitude in the face of adversity are truly remarkable and uplifting. Onyia’s family experienced a level of delight that they didn’t even realize was possible because of Patricia.

A child, complete with her own distinct personality and set of skills. Patricia accomplished each new milestone at exactly the right time for her. It was very exciting to see her triumph. The book’s impressionistic pictures do a great job of showing Patricia’s fun memories.

Over the years, Patricia’s condition gets better. There is no happy ending to this true story, but there is a satisfying twist.
Articulate, and unwaveringly truthful, Ngozi Onyia’s book is not just about getting knowledge and insight into a disease that is still quite uncommon. The story also features a selfless mother who would do everything for her kid.

This book can be of assistance to you if your child is similar to Patricia’s and you are concerned about them. Even if no one in your immediate family has been diagnosed, it is still important for you to read this book.

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