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Anatomy of a Woman: X-raying challenges faced by unmarried women

Anatomy of a Woman: X-raying challenges faced by unmarried women

What does an African Woman really want? Money? Security? Children? Power? Love? A mix and match of all above?

All these are unanswered questions that would be addressed in the play titled ‘Anatomy of a Woman’.

Written by Wole Oguntokun and directed by Austine Onuoha, the play itself is presented in a theatre in the round setting with a lot of audience participation.

In many African societies, the challenges faced by unmarried women are deeply rooted in traditional norms and cultural expectations.

Unmarried ladies often encounter societal pressure to get married and start a family at a young age. This pressure is further intensified by the belief that marriage is a woman’s ultimate goal and purpose in life.

One of the main challenges faced by unmarried ladies is the constant scrutiny and judgment from family members, friends, and even strangers. They are often subjected to questioning and criticism regarding their marital status, which can be emotionally distressing. This societal expectation can lead to feelings of inadequacy and a sense of failure for not conforming to traditional gender roles.

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Financial independence is another significant challenge faced by unmarried ladies in African societies. Many women rely on their husbands for financial support, and without a spouse, they may struggle to find stable employment or face limited economic opportunities. This can create a sense of dependency and vulnerability, leaving unmarried women feeling at a disadvantage in a society where financial security is often tied to marriage.

Unmarried ladies may also face difficulties in accessing certain social benefits and opportunities. In some communities, married women are given preferential treatment and are more likely to receive support from extended family members or community organizations.

Unmarried women, on the other hand, may find themselves excluded from these networks, resulting in a lack of support and resources.

All through the weekends in the month of August Nevana Productions in collaboration with Theatre @Terra have decided to use this drama presentation to correct some of these challenges.

The play is produced by Ihuoma Daniel.
Starring; Goodness Emmanuel, Uche Chika Elumelu, Akorede AJAYI and Odiah Emmanuel.