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Viewers knock Netflix ‘Fatal Seduction’, movie predictable, boring

Viewers knock Netflix ‘Fatal Seduction’, movie predictable, boring

The new South African thriller series ‘Fatal Seduction’ has got movie viewers talking and criticizing it for being slow-paced, predictable and having the exact replica of ‘Dark Desire’.

The movie which was released on Netflix on July 7, 2023, has not been met with the same level of praise as its predecessor, ‘Dark Desire’. In contrast, Dark Desire was a major hit with fans thanks to its action-packed storyline, sensual romance, and level of suspense.

According to Audience Review, Kachi Ibe said “This is an adaptation of the Spanish series ‘Dark Desire ‘or what? Why do they have the exact storyline, same scenes, cast, and even the same BFF’s name(Brenda)? The similarity in the first épisode is disturbing. It’s like I’m watching the same series with a different cast. Not good at all”.

Rhandzu Azalea Sambo said “It was so disappointing to see that this series is a direct replica of ‘Dark Desire’. I couldn’t get past episode 2 since I already knew what was to come. Disappointed at the lack of creativity and originality”.

Ojo Adewale said ‘Why use another movie storyline to act yours? The movie is interesting but the exact storyline? Nah!!!! I couldn’t even finish the movie, because it is exactly the same thing as a movie I watched some months ago. That isn’t fair!

Fholisani Mashegana said ‘The storyline is not bad. I’m disappointed that they have pushed it, Trying to trick the audience to sit and watch quantity over quality.

Summary of the movie

After a one-night stand, Nandi, a law professor, becomes involved in a passionate affair with a young guy named Jacob. She had no idea that this affair would lead her down a dark and betraying path.

Nandi’s marriage with her husband, Leonard Mahlati, is strained, and she feels he is cheating on her with his new assistant, Ameera. Nandi’s life takes an unexpected turn while on a weekend excursion with her best friend Brenda. Brenda persuades Nandi to pursue a relationship with Jacob by urging her to enjoy life. Their desire quickly transforms into an intense physical bond.

The morning following their passionate experience, Nandi is overcome with regret, blaming Brenda for persuading her to indulge in the affair. When she hears Brenda has committed suicide, her remorse swiftly turns to shock. When the cops interview Nandi about any possible witnesses to Brenda’s killing, she chooses to keep the truth buried.

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Meanwhile, Zinhle, Nandi’s daughter, receives odd texts from an unknown sender that capture her attention. As Nandi’s affair with Jacob grows more intense, suspicions arise, prompting Leonard’s brother, Vuyo, to look into Brenda’s death. He eventually discovers a startling link between Jacob and the tragic case that impacted his and Brenda’s lives ten years ago.

While Nandi remains suspicious of Leonard’s adultery, her connection with Jacob develops. Divorce papers are drafted, but Leonard has an unexpected change of heart and treats her with respect and affection. Nandi finds that Leonard has been faithful, which confuses her and casts doubt on Jacob.

Vuyo takes matters into his own hands, confronting Jacob and accusing him of being Brenda’s murderer. Leonard approaches Vuyo, who is sceptical of his wife and brother’s relationship. The truth about the previous case emerges, shocking and shattering everyone.

Why did Fatal Seduction fail to meet expectations?

There are a few possible reasons why Fatal Seduction failed to meet expectations. First, the show was marketed as a sequel to Dark Desire, which was a huge hit with viewers. However, Fatal Seduction is a very different show from Dark Desire. It is slower-paced, more character-driven, and it explores darker themes. This may have been a disappointment to some viewers who were expecting a more fast-paced, suspenseful thriller.

Second, the plot of Fatal Seduction is somewhat predictable. The show follows a familiar formula, and the twists are not as surprising as they could be. This may have also been a disappointment to some viewers who were looking for a more unpredictable thriller.

Finally, the acting in Fatal Seduction is not as strong as the acting in Dark Desire. The main characters are not as likeable or as well-developed as the characters in Dark Desire. This may have also contributed to the show’s disappointment.