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Alaska community, the town where everyone lives under one roof

Alaska community, the town where everyone lives under one roof

Settled within the rugged terrain of Alaska, the town of Whittier is living proof of human resilience against nature’s harshest forces.

With its towering snow-capped peaks and unforgiving weather, this remote enclave was once accessible only by boat.

However, the advent of modern engineering and the tenacity of its inhabitants have transformed Whittier into a unique haven, illustrated by the iconic Begich Towers.

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Constructed amidst the backdrop of the Cold War between 1953 and 1957, the Begich Towers initially served as a strategic outpost.

Born from the necessity of military logistics, these imposing structures were poised to withstand the most extreme conditions.

Little did the architects foresee that these towers would one day become the beating heart of a thriving community.

Whittier's Begich Towers

Today, Whittier’s Begich Towers serves as a clear demonstration of the town’s history but also as a symbol of its resilience and adaptability.

With just one place to stay, housing nearly 85% of the town’s 200 residents, the towers have become more than just a dwelling place, they represent a model of exemplary communal living.

Imagine waking up every day surrounded by familiar faces such as family, friends, and teachers, all residing under one roof.

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This is the reality for the residents of Begich Towers, where the bonds of togetherness are forged in the crucible of shared experiences.

From the smallest staff member to the building’s owner, everyone plays a role in the daily life within these walls.

But what truly sets Begich Towers apart is its self-contained ecosystem. Within its confines lie all the amenities one could need, from essential services like a police station and grocery store to communal spaces like a church and laundromat.

Even the Whittier School is seamlessly integrated, connected to the towers by a tunnel, ensuring that students need not brave the elements during the harsh winter months.

For the residents of Whittier, living in Begich Towers isn’t just a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of survival.

The region’s unpredictable weather, characterized by fierce winds and snowfall, renders travel outside the town nearly impossible.

With no easy means of transportation, the towers provide a sanctuary from the elements, offering safety and security amidst the storm.

Indeed, the history of Begich Towers is intertwined with that of Whittier itself, a town born out of military necessity, transformed by the resilience of its people.

What began as a strategic outpost during wartime has evolved into a vibrant community, where neighbors become family and adversity breeds solidarity.