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Advice for Women on Relationships from a Male Point of View- A Review of Olaotan Fawehinmi’s If I were a Girl

Advice for Women on Relationships from a Male Point of View- A Review of Olaotan Fawehinmi’s If I were a Girl

Title: If I were a Girl: 50 Mistakes I Would Not Make
Author: Olaotan Fawehinmi
Publisher: Jotham Publishing
Year of Publication: 2022
Number of Pages: 116
Category: Non Fiction

Men’s minds are a mystery for some women due to how much time is spent trying to figure out what they’re thinking and why they’re behaving the way they do. It has resulted in some women desiring a better understanding of men and what they are looking for in a partner as a result. According to Olaotan Fawehinmi, author of ‘If I Were a Girl,’ men wish women were more understanding of certain aspects of dating and relationship dynamics.

The title suggests that Fawehinmi wishes he was a girl because he is well-versed in the complexities of dating and relationships. For women who find it difficult to maintain relationships due to a lack of understanding of their partners, this book is a must-read.

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Everything from showering him with adoration to cooking him the most delicious meals on the planet, to taking into consideration his feelings and refraining from nagging, counts. This book contains a few pointers on how to improve your relationship with your partner. The author’s sexist tone of voice is the book’s most significant flaw.

In addition, the book provides an exhaustive list of what men look for in a partner. It’s critical to remember that a relationship is a two-way street, even when a woman adjusts herself to meet the needs of a man. Despite the fact that the formula for comprehending men is identical to the formula for comprehending any other species, the author neglects to mention this important fact.
In his book, he frequently casts women in the role of the underdog, while men are typically depicted as the dominant characters. To make positive changes in one’s relationship, the author suggests that one must be willing to put up with a certain amount of discomfort.

Women are still viewed as subordinates in Fawehinmi’s writing, even in the chapter on how a woman should not question her partner’s leadership. Even if some people are more susceptible to stereotypes than others, I believe that everyone should be able to confide in their partner about whatever they are thinking or feeling.

The book is simple to read, but it is difficult to digest. There are no stories about couples in any of the chapters. For lack of a better phrase, where did the author obtain all of his answers?

This book contains some very useful suggestions. Even though some aspects of this book may cause women to have reservations, as long as you read it with an open mind, you should have no trouble applying it to your own life.

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