• Monday, May 27, 2024
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10 countries with the most social media visits


In today’s interconnected world, social media has become integral to daily life, serving as a platform for communication, entertainment, and information dissemination.

According to Datareportal, a global data body, there are more than 5 billion active global social media user identities, with the total reaching 5.04 billion at the start of 2024.

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, with YouTube’s visits soaring to 1.35 trillion in 2023,

Also, average monthly visits reached 165.0 billion, and average daily visits amounted to 5.4 billion, showing people just couldn’t get enough of these addictive platforms.

However, a recent study by Lifesight.io has unveiled the top 10 countries with the most social media visits, shedding light on the global landscape of digital connectivity.

United States

Topping the list, the United States accounted for a striking 22.03 percent of the total social media visits worldwide, with 436.1 billion visits overall. With a population of 341.3 million, this amounts to an average of 1279.08 visits per person per year, showcasing the deeply integrated role of social media in American daily life.


Following the US, India registered 171.8 billion social media visits, which is 8.68 percent of the global total. Given its large population of 1435.7 million, the visits per person stand at 119.67 per year, indicating a growing digital footprint in the country’s expanding internet user base that will only continue to grow with each passing year.


Brazil had 123 billion visits, making up 6.21 percent of the total. With a population of 217.1 million, the visit rate is 566.64 per person per year, reflecting a high level of engagement in social media among Brazilians. Seemingly, YouTube has charmed every corner of the world.


Japan’s 88.1 billion visits represent 4.45 percent of the total, with an impressive 714.61 visits per person per year from its 123.3 million population. This high per capita rate underscores the prominence of social media in Japanese culture.

United Kingdom

The UK stands at 71.6 billion visits, 3.62 percent of the global share. With a smaller population of 67.7 million, the UK’s visits per person per year is a significant 1057.28, suggesting a highly active social media environment with youngsters no doubt being glued to their phones.


Indonesia’s social media visits reached 71.5 billion, close to the UK’s total and accounting for 3.61 percent of the world’s visits. The per-person rate is 257.49 visits per year among its 277.5 million population, indicative of its rapidly growing digital presence.


Turkey contributed 63.3 billion visits, which is 3.18 percent of the global visits. With a population of 85.8 million, the visit rate is 733.93 visits per person per year, pointing to a strong engagement with social media platforms.


German users visited social media platforms 57.9 billion times, comprising 2.92 percent of the total visits in 2023. With a population of 83.3 million, the visits per person per year in Germany are 694.88, showing robust use of social media.


With 53.1 billion visits, Thailand accounts for 2.68 percent of the total, and with a population of 71.8 million, it has a visit rate of 739.29 visits per person per year, highlighting a significant integration of social media into daily life.


In the top 10, Mexico saw 50.8 billion social media visits or 2.56 percent of the global total. With a population of 128.5 million, the visits per person per year are 395.21, reflecting a growing engagement with social media in the country.