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Pirates Of The Caribbean “Dead Men Tell No Tales’

Johnny Depp referred to as “Captain Jack sparrow” has a come back to the cinemas with this whole new chapter of the pirates story. Some revelations are made about how the ship got saved in the little bottle and how Johnny became discouraged and laid back. Jack was at his best again, although some parts of this movie didn’t add up or make complete sense like the previous stories of the pirates of the Caribbean. The director Espen Sandberg and Joachim Ronning did try to put up a very good storyline, but I guess they lost most of the audience as they were some disconnects at some points. It would be hard for them to have a come back again so my suggestions would be to end the series here, because not many felt that it was the typical classic pirates story, they used to know. A case of a movie being over stretched and over flogged. This pirate movie displayed the same typical pirates’ story line of searching for treasure only that this time, they couldn’t find it on the sea, so they had to come steal from the land. It wasn’t a very good operation for them and didn’t go down well with the people who eventually chased them out and wanted Jacks’ head for his illicit action.

Pirates of the Caribbean part 5, May 2017

The Pirates of the Caribbean had a whole new twist to it, the heroic, iconic and swashbuckling anti-hero Jack put up a very good show to his skills and expertise. He displayed his weakness and as well as his strength in making sure that they were victorious over the rebels from the dead. The exciting discovery threads with his luck as captain Jack Sparrow feels the waves of misfortune blowing towards his was as they had to contend with deadly treacherous ghosts sailors led by the wicked Captain Salazar (known as Javier Bardem) as they made their way out of the Devils Triangle. Their mission was to kill every pirate on sea and most especially captain Jack Sparrow who was their greatest enemy. So Jack would have to find them and fight to save his life and that of other pirates.


For Jack to defeat the deadly ghost sailors, who had the power and skills to appear and disappear without notice or warning, he needs the help of Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) a magnificent and pretty young astronomer, who had the gifts of reading and interpreting the positioning of the stars. He also needed the help of Henry (Breton Thwaites) a very young and vibrant sailor of the Royal Navy to both assist him to the legendary trident of Poseidon, which was the only location where he could destroy the deadly ghost sailors. At the heat of the fight Jack found out that he needed to save his life and that of his team members at any cost, Jack now breaks the spell to get a bigger and stronger ship to be able to combat heads on with his greatest and treacherous enemy Salazar.


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The highlight of the movie was at the tail end when Jack had to meet with Carina to find the exact location, where the enemies would have to be destroyed, using the stars as a guide. On getting to the Island of she finds the rock with the missing piece and suddenly the island of stars comes alive, dividing the Sea into 2 halves. Immediately they had to go beneath to find the missing treasure and unlock the evil curse that has held many pirates captive in the sea, one of which was Henry’s father who had being gone for years. At this last fight to save their live Carina finds out that Barbossa was her Dad, who dumped her at the motherless baby home when she was a kid with his diary and the missing stone from the island of stars. Little did he know that she was going to read through the book to later find him and the lost Island? He died in the process of saving her life from Salazar


Cast: Johnny Deep, Javier Bardem, David Wenham, Kevin McNally, Jessica Green (XIII), Goran D. Kleut, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, Stephen Graham, Martin Kiebba, Adam Brown, Zoe Ventoura, Kaya Scodelario, Brenton Thwaites, Mark Preston and others
Director: Epsen Sandberg, Joachim Ronning
Written by: Jeff Nathanson
Casting 135mins
Ratings: PG13
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Genre: Action & Adventure

To my verdict I would say Pirates of the Caribbean deserves a 6/10, the movie was okay, and had good action, but didn’t quiet kill it for me, I just felt it could have being much better, without them dragging the scenes. I felt they should have ended with the last one, without having a comeback. Nice production and editing but not a perfect movie. For the pirates of the Caribbean lovers then maybe this is a recommendation for you.

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