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Love Starts On Fridays – Chapter Two


“Here is your new office,” Tony said, opening a door that protected an elaborated office and leaving Amanda bewildered.

“You mean I am going to use this space? This is my new office?”

“Yes, it is,’ Tony’s expression remained blank, “the boss specifically told me to bring you here; to your new office. You’re one damn lucky lady.” he finished.

“Thank you so much sir, I promise not to disappoint this company. I will work very hard too…..”

“That’s okay”. Tony cut her short, then pointed at a huge file on the desk, “Please work on those files on your table before the end of today. I want to see them before the end of today to know if you are truly capable of handling this job”. Checks his watch. “I have to go. Your work starts immediately”. He left without another word.

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Amanda squealed as she jumped in the air for joy. This was a dream come true; her dream job.

She was like the stone which the builders had rejected. But then, she was being made the chief cornerstone by the owner of the building.

‘Joseph, God will bless you for me’. Amanda whispered, taking her seat in her new chair and arranging her table neatly for the day’s job.

Her thoughts went to the Joseph, the handsome man she was obviously attracted to. Without asking her questions like the others did the previous day she was given her dream job. God definitely has his many ways to bless his children. He knew she had been jobless for the past five years and God surprised her by lifting her from a cleaner to an accountant, all in less than one day.

finally getting to work, she immediately opened the files Tony has asked her to work on. Her lips were curved up into a smile as she stares back at the paper. Well, she had some files to work on.


At 3:00 PM sharp, she was done and was getting ready to submit when the door to her office opened. The one person she had thought about the whole day, walked in.

Seeing Amanda behind her desk, Joseph was all smiles. He just knew within, that she is that missing rib he had been looking for.

Her face, her dressing style, her manner of approach. These were the three things that attracted him to her. Even when he’d asked her if she was sure she had all it takes to be an accountant, Amanda didn’t pause to think before replying yes. He likes ladies who are straightforward and think fast on their feet.

Amanda, ignoring the butterflies in her tummy, got to her feet. “Good afternoon sir,” she greeted her crush and boss who was now sitting comfortably on one of the two chairs facing her desk.

“Sit down Amanda,” Joseph insisted.

Amanda obeyed, quickly focusing on her laptop screen.

“Hope you like your office”. Joseph asked, his eyes fixed on Amanda’s face. He had discovered, somehow, that he loves staring at her face.

“I so much love it, sir,” she took her eyes off the screen now to look at him, “Thank you so much for promoting me and making me one of your accountants, sir. I truly appreciate this opportunity, and I promise I wouldn’t disappoint you, sir.”

“Please, quit calling me ‘Sir’. I have told you my name is Joseph”.

“But you are my boss and every boss would love their workers to refer them as Sir or Ma”. Amanda insisted.

“And I am a different one, or should I say, a unique one at that. Look, if Joseph is too hard for you, then abbreviate it to Jo or Joe. Anyone that suits you. But please, do not call me Sir”. Amanda was sure she heard a firm decision in his voice.

“Okay…. Joe,” she was reluctant, “thank you.” Definitely, she preferred calling him Joe. Not that she would let him know anyway.

“Perfect, Amanda. Now straight to my reason for being here. I came to check if you’ve had your lunch for today. Have you?”.

Amanda smiled at the question. He really cared, “Not yet. I wanted to submit this,” she pointed at the resolved files on her desk, “Mr. Tony specifically asked me to be through with these today to see if I am capable or not.” Amanda revealed, taking her eyes back to the computer screen briefly, a then settling them on him again, “I don’t want him thinking I’m only here by your good will. I have to prove myself”. Amanda finished.

Joseph smiled at her resolve. She definitely had more manners and work ethics than he gave her credit for. He got off his seat and walked over to Amanda. Bending low, he assessed her work on the computer and nodded, before straightening up to his full height; totally unaware of the effect he had on her, up close.

“I get your point, Amanda. But with the little I see, you are doing a great job. I must commend you for that”.

Blushing at his praises, Amanda mumbled a, ‘Thank you.’

She moved to continue her work. But surprisingly, Joseph took hold of her two delicate hands in his masculine ones. Amanda seemed surprised by that gestured and she stare at Joseph, Bewildered.

“So, about what I asked earlier. It seems to me you haven’t taken lunch. So how about you and I go out for lunch? I also haven’t eaten yet. We’re both famished”. Joseph smiled at the face Amanda made.

“Mr. Tony wants this work before the end of today”. Amanda was torn between work and having lunch with her crush.

“Don’t worry. Tony wouldn’t do anything in this company without informing me first. So, lunch?

To Be Continued…

Story by Pelleura (www.pelleura.top)