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4 insights for budding film-makers from Mohammed Alsaadi

The film industry, like many other sectors, has taken a hit due to the global pandemic. For film producers to stay on top of their game, film producer Mohammed Alsaadi projects that the film industry will for a while focus on films that don’t require huge budgets.

Being in the film industry means knowing how to manage frustrations. As a film producer, Alsaadi says one has to ensure that production runs on schedule and also work on a project that is not only going to tell a story that people want to see, but also bring in returns.

Being a film producer needs a deep-rooted passion that will not wither when tough times hit, he says.

Given his experience in the film industry, Alsaadi has translated this experience to other parts of his life and here are four lessons from him:

A positive attitude will get you where you want

Oftentimes, leaders forget that their overall attitude affects the team’s morale. As a film producer, Alsaadi emphasises the importance of being the source of motivation for your team. Yes, there will be tough days but a positive attitude can help boost team spirits and productivity. He notes that negativity spreads faster and can set you back from achieving your intended goals.

This does not just apply to film but in every industry. Positivity can change how you view the challenges you’re experiencing and even help you solve these challenges faster.

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Get creative with the available budget

Budget constraints often stifle creativity and passion, especially for filmmakers. This is especially going to be difficult now that the pandemic has ravaged the industry.

However, according to Alsaadi, there is always a work-around. Even when your budgets confine you to a box, break out the out of the box thinking and get creative. Instead of producing a subpar film or project and using budgets as a reason, try to find creative ways to tell the story with the budget at hand. Being resourceful is crucial.

Learn how to multi-task

A film producer has a load of tasks that they need to take care of, from finding locations, making sure you’re on track, sticking to the budgets and so on. Therefore, you’ve got to quickly pick up multitasking to get it all done. Alsaadi says that multi-tasking is not easy and the best way to go about it is create a plan early on that informs your to-do list.

Appreciate every team member

No role is small within a team, everyone’s contribution is important towards the success of the project. Therefore, you need to be appreciative of everyone who is part of your team. This helps keep morale up and creates an environment where the team members can float their ideas freely.

There are many moving parts in every venture and project and therefore, it is important to work in harmony with the team, take charge as the team leader and provide an environment that allows for the flow of innovative ideas from team members.

Film production, like many other industries, is a challenging turf that requires dedication and sacrifice as well as a great strategy to keep things moving.

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