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How Tobiloba is building a successful filming business

How Tobiloba is building a successful filming business

In the dynamic realm of the film industry, Tobiloba Adewole, founder of 501 Studiosng, has stepped onto the stage as an aspiring entrepreneur, poised to redefine its landscape.

From an early age, Tobiloba’s fascination with films ignited a fire, fueling a relentless curiosity about the intricacies behind the silver screen. As time marched on, this curiosity matured into a profound understanding of the art of filmmaking.

“Since my early years, I was captivated by films and curious about the magic behind the scenes. This curiosity sparked a passion for videography and photography,” he says.

“I learnt to use a camera during the lockdown and worked at a studio during my NYSC for a year. However, I felt creatively stifled there, leading me to establish my studio. Now, I enjoy total creative freedom and control.”

The realization that true creativity knows no bounds propelled him to take a leap of faith – the birth of 501 Studiosng.

“Before joining the studio, my camera skills were self-taught and somewhat limited. Once there, I observed and questioned my colleagues, quickly mastering tasks that initially seemed complex,” he says.

“Eventually, I became proficient in operating cameras and editing, even mastering the intricacies of passport photo specifications for different countries – a challenging but rewarding endeavor.”

In his pursuit of skill enhancement, Tobiloba says, “My primary source of learning is social media, where I follow numerous creatives generously offering free tutorials. This valuable resource has significantly contributed to honing my craft.”

To launch the business, Tobiloba says, ‘With the backing of supportive parents and my savings, I acquired the necessary equipment for operations.

At the heart of 501 Studiosng lies a vision that transcends borders. Tobiloba’s aspirations stretch beyond the confines of a studio’s four walls, with plans to establish a flagship presence in Nigeria. This dream is a testament to their commitment to empowering local creatives and fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

“A permanent operating base is pending as I embark on an educational journey in acting abroad. Upon my return, my focus will shift to opening a larger studio in Nigeria,” he says.

“To pursue a career in acting, I have enrolled in an acting school in Canada, and with the knowledge I will gain from there, I plan to return and work in Nollywood.”

Tobiloba says he aims to establish many studio outlets nationwide and abroad fully, put creatives in place to run them, and focus on his acting career.

“In the hope of diversifying my skills, I tend to work with other creatives and learn from them, but it is a competitive industry, so most creatives tend to work alone,” he says.

Yet, Tobiloba’s vision is more comprehensive than just one canvas. The fusion of art and entrepreneurship takes shape through “fdgcollectives,” his brand that taps into the pulse of streetwear fashion in Nigeria.

“Most of my work is under my brand “fdgcollectives,” which mainly covers streetwear photography. I am proud of this brand as it shows my growth and dedication over the months. I have been able to work with some notable names such as Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and also worked at Lagos Fashion Week and other significant events,” he says.

“The ultimate goal of fdgcollectives is to establish a dominant presence within this burgeoning market.”

Regarding his workforce, Tobiloba says he has one photographer and one editor. “It might be more convenient to keep it that way till after my studies and return to Nigeria,” he says.

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As the story unfolds, Tobiloba’s advice to emerging creatives is insightful and resounding – stay true to your craft, resist compromise, and let passion be the driving force.

“Do not sell your skills to studios who do not appreciate your craft,” he says. I would say freelance work would be better, but not everyone can afford photography equipment right away, so work for a studio if you must and save up to buy an older model camera and let your hustle speak for itself.”

With every shutter click and each frame captured, Tobiloba Adewole’s journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities when entrepreneurship and creativity converge.