• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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The Satchel emerges Best Animated Short Film at film festival

The Satchel emerges Best Animated Short Film at film festival

The Satchel, an exceptional animated short film created by CREELE, an animation company founded by Nissi, a sensational London-based Afro-jazz singer, songwriter and uber-talented creative mind, has won the much-coveted award for “The Audience Choice” for “International Best Animated Short Film” at the recently held 2021 Cannes Independent International Film Festival (CIIFF) in France.

The phenomenal animated film directed and co-produced by Nissi Ogulu, was recognized by CIIFF, whose aim is to celebrate new films of all genres, including documentaries, from all around the world. Nominated alongside other outstanding animated films, “The Satchel ” by CREELE emerged winner, proving that the redefinition of the entire concept of African storytelling with the use of modern technology is here to stay.

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Receiving the award, an excited Nissi Ogulu gushed: “We won, guys!! ‘’THE SATCHEL’’ for me, really means the genesis of an adaptation of Yoruba mythology. It is telling a story of the world as we know it as planet earth, through our own eyes, at the same time using our own myths and our own culture to do so. This award further enforces the need to grow further in order to engage future projects already in the works. I can tell you that the journey to the realization of this goal has been both phenomenal and challenging so I’m very excited that my brainchild is making great waves’’.

“The Satchel” is a 3D Afro-anime debut project produced by CREELE and conceptualized through the founder’s artistic desire to tell a traditional story of Yoruba deities: Obatala and Oduduwa. Directed by Nissi Ogulu herself, “THE SATCHEL” is brought to life through the voice of Nissi Ogulu alongside other producers, with the dynamic creative, Nissi handling the music and soundtracks.

The first of many, “THE SATCHEL” heralds a new age of telling culturally authentic African-inspired stories for families and people around the world to savour, using cutting-edge technology to deliver top-quality animated content across board.