• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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It’s summer, choosing the right hotel is imperative

It’s summer, choosing the right hotel is imperative

As summer holiday beckons, it calls for safety in line with the risks posed by the pandemic, but making the right choice of hotel accommodation saves money and boosts enjoyment.

Yes! No matter how long you are staying and the number of people you are going on vacation with, choosing a hotel is key to your level of comfort, enjoyment and even security this summer. Hotels are usually rated with a star system, and this generally correlates with the hotel’s price.

When choosing a place to stay, ask yourself the following questions: How safe is the hotel? How much time will I spend in the hotel? What amenities are most important to me? Am I looking for a home away from home or just a place to lay my head for the night? Knowing your own expectations can make choosing among hotels a lot easier.

Five-star hotels generally are the most expensive. You are paying for luxury. These hotels usually offer butler service, large bathrooms with soaking tubs, spa-inspired bath products, and high-end bed linens. Lobbies in five-star hotels are laden with marble and fresh flowers. Service is impeccable.

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Still quite elegant are four-star hotels. Usually the difference is slight. Maybe the rooms are a bit smaller, the linens a slightly lower thread count, and the shampoos less expensive. The biggest difference seems to be in the price.

Three-star hotels offer clean and comfortable accommodations but may not offer the same amenities as their pricier cousins. Guest rooms are less elegant, but comfortable nevertheless. Bathrooms are generally pretty standard. But if you are looking for a rain shower, you probably will not find it here. Service is fine, though the staff do not bow at your feet quite the same way. Many guests find this level of service more comfortable; others miss being treated like royalty.

Down in the two-star range you will find hotels that serve as a bed for the night but offer little comfort. These hotels are good for driving trips where you only plan to spend a limited amount of time and then hit the road again. Do not expect too much as no fancy sheets or down comforters, probably a stall shower instead of a big bathtub, and definitely no champagne and strawberries. There may be room service, but it is probably more likely that you will ask the lobby for the local joints.

One-star hotels are best for budget travellers who are not too picky about where they sleep as long as it is cheap. Not usually the cleanest or most updated places, these are meant for those guests who do not plan to spend a whole lot of time in their hotel room. If you are more interested in sightseeing than the size of your pillow, these hotels might suit you just fine.

However, choosing right also means utilising your bargaining power as a customer. When you get to a hotel at night, you can get the room of your choice at half the price if you bargain well. After all, the hotel will lose money if they allow you to sleep elsewhere when the room is still empty.

If you have chosen to stay in hotels during your travels, choose wisely based on your own personal needs. As long as you are willing to pay a price equal to your expectations, you will not be disappointed this summer holiday.