• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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6 Things to do for leisure

6 Things to do for leisure

Learn a new language

This isn’t a hard one and you can actually enjoy it if you put your mind to it. If you see it as leisure, not a chore, you will find it interesting. One way to do that is perhaps try finding out ‘how to’ videos from places like YouTube, if going to class may feel like you are in “school” again. Perhaps it is time to start that French class you have always wanted to.


This word is what many people don’t like to hear. It brings with it the feeling of doing so much to stay healthy. This shouldn’t be the case, because you can actually enjoy working out. It shouldn’t be a chore. It is also important to know what type of exercise to do or not to do.

There are people who take brisk walks every morning and are toned. There are those who love to go to the gym so they can see others and get encouraged to burn some calories too. There are also those who won’t go to the gym because they are intimidated by the intensity at which others exercise. You can exercise in your home and can even get a personal trainer. Exercise can be fun, just find out what works for you and be consistent.


There is just so much going on around you. Everyone is hustling for the money. Do you know that your body needs to rest? No matter how desperate we are to achieve whatever we want, if you do not rest, one may not enjoy the money. Rest and again I say rest! See rest as leisure and enjoy it because you do deserve to rest. Trust me, after a busy day, all your body wants is to rest. Get back home, have a warm bath, rest to recharge so you can start the next day on a refreshing note.

Find a sport activity

While in school, I fell in love with badminton. I don’t play it anymore but it was a sport I looked forward to. Doing a sporting activity is good for your body and helps you motivate yourself to do better. Engaging in it can also be a way of meeting new people and networking.

It helps you stay healthy both mentally and physically. If yours is soccer, enjoy it, if it is table tennis or lawn tennis, or even swimming, whatever sporting activity that captures your heart, that you easily gravitate towards, do it and enjoy yourself while at it.

Get a hobby

Doing what you love is a great form of leisure. I write poetry and once I am inspired to, I am jotting things down immediately. I also love to share my thoughts through writing, and I am inspired by any and everything. It informed what my followers on social media know as #Kemiruminates and I have had a lot of positive responses from people who read them. Yours might not be poetry or writing, yours may be painting, drawing, knitting, watching movies, playing games, whichever you choose, find a hobby and have fun doing it.

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I watched a video of a woman who had the key to a new car for her daughter stuck in between a book. The daughter kept asking for her gift and her mother told her she would give her the gift once she was done reading the book.

The girl came back to tell her mother she was done and the mother said it wasn’t true. How did she know? Obviously, her daughter had lied, she did not read the book because if she did, she would have seen the key to her brand new car.

Grudgingly, she finally did and when she got to the middle, she saw the key there.

Reading is a way of keeping yourself informed. It can also be fun doing so when you read on topics that catch your interest or books from authors that inspire you. Whether it is hard or soft copy, make reading a part of your routine and see how mentally upgraded you will consistently be.