US adds 17b doses of J&J vaccine to AU basket

The United States has pledged 17 million additional doses of J&J vaccines to the African Union, boosting supply flow to African countries suffering shortages including Nigeria.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced that more donations are afoot, speaking with Uhuru, Kenyatta, Kenya’s President at the White House on Thursday.

“I’m proud to announce that — today, that we’re making an additional historic one-time donation of 17 more million doses of J&J vaccine to the AU, and we’re going to be sending some more of these by the end of the year to Kenya,” Biden said.

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Kenyatta, responding, said the additional donations will help the continent lagging well behind the rest of the world in terms of being able to vaccinate its people.

Biden went on to campaign for how bilateral ties between Kenya and the United States can be strengthened to advance peace and security.

Other concerns raised were strengthening the financial transparency and accelerating economic growth and the fight against climate change.

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