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Queen Elizabeth II: Record breaking monarch

Queen Elizabeth II: Record breaking monarch

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor popularly known as Queen Elizabeth II (QE II) is certified by the Guinness World Records as the monarch with the most appearance on country currencies, appearing on at least 33 different currencies. She also holds world records for the longest reigning queen, oldest monarch, and wealthiest queen.

QE II born April 21 1926, ascended the throne in 1953 and died September 8, 2022, is set to be buried on Monday, September 19 in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

According to an analysis, by Advisa, only 15 percent of international banknotes featured images of women, of which QE II is the most featured woman worldwide.

What will happen to currencies with the Queen’s picture?

Following the death of the Queen, countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries in which she has been featured will begin to take out her pictures from their note.

The portrait of King Charles III, eldest son of the Queen, who was proclaimed King in the accession ceremony on September 10, is expected to replace the queen’s portrait on British notes and coins.

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The royal mint and the Bank of England have however said on their website and by an announcement on existing paper money issued by the U.K.’s central bank respectively, that “ all coins and current banknotes with the Queen’s portrait will continue to be legal tender and in circulation.”

The website of the royal mint further added that “ the process of updating other nations’ currencies that feature the queen could take longer, as it won’t be easy to enforce a new design in countries where different jurisdiction may take place.”

Jamaica, Seychelles, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Hong Kong are part of the few countries that have replaced the queen portrait on their note.

The Queen in numbers

The queen lived to see as many as 8 wars including WW II. Saw 14 US president and the UK take their seats.

She is well traveled and visited 117 countries on all continents of the world except for continent Antarctica during her lifetime.

During her long reign, she visited Nigeria twice in 1956, and in 2003 when Nigeria hosted the Commonwealth heads of government meeting.

Queen Elizabeth II was Nigeria’s Head of State from 1960 – 1963 and had the title “Queen of Nigeria.”