• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Oxford University to transform Nigerian executives


Given rapid social, political and environmental changes, governance challenges are becoming increasingly pronounced. This is particularly the case in emerging economies, including in Nigeria and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, where robust economic growth generates new complexities and uncertainties, as well as fresh opportunities.

In addition, the trend towards the decentralisation of political power within many sub-Saharan African countries is rapidly altering the political landscape. This provides public sector organisations with the opportunity to improve service-delivery and democratic accountability as well as to build stakeholder support. At the same time, it requires organisations to adapt quickly in order to take advantage of these opportunities and evolve their decision-making to take into account emerging economic, social, political and environmental trends.

Strategic insight can help organisations to identify and capitalise on these opportunities, enabling senior management to guide their organisations to success. TEXEM and the University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment have partnered to deliver senior public and private sector leaders with the competencies and insights necessary to take advantage of these evolving opportunities.

The tailored four day executive education programme – “Transformations in Governance, Creating Sustainable Solutions” – will be delivered by leading academics at the University of Oxford. The programme contains modules in strategic management, adaptive leadership, public sector innovation, principled negotiation, political innovation and sustainability.

According to Dr Catlin McElroy, Programme Director of the University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment: “Executive development with leading academics and the insights of practitioners from the Transformations in Governance, Creating Sustainable Solutions programme provides participants with a new perspective and approach to their own leadership roles. Participants engagement with the latest research and best practice cases will help prepare them for the challenges of governing in a changing world.”

Meanwhile, Alim Abubakre, the founder and director of TEXEM, notes: “Many senior executives already acknowledge that governance challenges in emerging economies hamper their ability to foster inclusive and sustained growth within organisations and nations. The issue addressed in this programme is how transformations in governance can offer sustainable solutions to the myriad of challenges that these organisations face. The programme will enhance participants’ expertise and their conceptual foundation while challenging assumptions and empowering them as leaders to shape and strengthen their organisations’ performance, with a view towards achieving national prosperity.”

The course will be held in Oxford, between 14th April and 17th April 2014. Further details about the programme, as well as the opportunity to register, are available at http://www.texem.co.uk/creating-sustainable-solutions-transformations-in-governance-1