• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Boris Johnson counts wins as he exits office

Boris Johnson counts wins as he exits office

The outgoing prime minister of Britain Boris Johnson on Tuesday accompanied by his wife gave his farewell and final message as Prime Minister to the British public servants and people as he leaves the office shortly before newly appointed Liz Truss will take over.

Johnson expressed appreciation to the people for their support while he was in office as through them he was able to achieve his success such as Brexit and the fastest roll out of covid vaccine in the world.

‘‘Thank you everybody for coming out so early this morning, and through the lacquered black door a new prime minister will shortly go to meet a fantastic group of public servants, the people who got Brexit done, the people who delivered the fastest vaccine roll-out in Europe, people who organized those prompt early supplies of weapon to the heroic Ukrainian armed forces’’ Johnson said.

He assured the people that the incoming prime minister and the conservative party will provide solutions to the country’s economic problems.

‘‘And I know that Liz Truss and this compassionate Conservative government will do everything we can to get people through this crisis and this country will endure it and we will win,’’ he said.

He didn’t hesitate to declare his displeasure with Russia’s Putin and the ongoing war.

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‘‘And if Putin thinks he can succeed by blackmailing or bullying the British people, then he is utterly deluded,’’ the outgoing prime minister added

He called on his fellow party members to give Liz Truss all the support her government will need.

‘‘I say to my fellow conservatives, it’s time for politics to be over, it’s time for us to get behind Liz Truss and her team and her programme to deliver the people of this country,’’ Johnson said.

Johnson said he delivered his party manifestos, helped the people of the country and ensured that Britain was once again standing tall in the world.

Here are the excerpts from his speech on his achievements

‘‘ We made the streets safer, neighbourhood crime down by 38 percent in the last three years, 13,790 more police on the streets, building more hospitals and 50,000 Nurses by the end of this parliament and 40 new hospitals by the end of the decade. Putting record funding into our schools and teacher’s pay, giving everybody over 19 a lifetime skills guarantee so they can keep upskilling throughout their lives.

Three high- speed rail lines, the roll out of gigabit up over the last three years, from seven percent of our country’s premises to 70 percent today, we are providing short and long term solutions to our energy needs and not just using more of our own domestic hydrocarbon, but going up by 2030to 50 gigawatts of wind power, that is half of this country’s energy electricity need from offshore wind alone, a new nuclear reactor every year. Looking at what is happening in this country the changes that are taking place that is why private sector investment is flooding in. More private sector, more capital investment than China itself, more billion pound tech companies sprouting here in the UK than in France, Germany and Israel combined. And as a result unemployment is low.’’