• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Youths rally today in Ibadan ahead of 2019 elections

Young people will today Sunday 29, occupy the streets of Ibadan in a peacefully rally under the #youthdecide2019 to drum up  support for Nigerian youths to be given prominent role come 2019 general election.


The convener Adeola Adedoyin Oko team leader for the #youthdecide2019 said it is not enough for the age limit for a political office to be reduce, Nigerian youths must stand up and be part of the electoral process, why calling for a fair opportunities in various political parties given to youths  to contest come 2019.


In a statement made available to Businessday, Adeola pointed out that over the years leaders from the presidency to the local political positions have failed Nigerians, especially the youths, and its high time youths took up the mantle of leadership.

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“The godfathers of Nigerian politics always penetrate the parties to decide who gets what, despite the constitutional reduction of age limits, a youth candidate chances of winning in the primaries remains very slim, talk more of winning an election.”



He explained that during the rally the youths will interface with Ibadan youths to educate them on the need to be registered for the 2019 general election.



” the rally has no religion, tribal or political affiliation, all we seek is sincere opportunity for  visionary  youths  from the West, East, South or  North to lead  come 2019 which will signify a paradigm shift as the youths have previously not involved themselves much in electoral processes.”