• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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SPAR knocks off 80% on Black Friday sales drive

SPAR knocks off 80% on Black Friday sales drive
SPAR Nigeria, the hypermarket that pioneered Black Friday sales in Nigeria, is offering shoppers up to 80 per cent in discount offers on over 5,000 items, as part of the drive towards the mega-deals day.
 Black Friday, first celebrated in 1966, is the name given to the shopping day following Thanksgiving Day, in the United States. In Nigeria, it has been embraced as a day when shoppers can hope to buy items at very – if not ridiculously, reduced price.
“When we started, we leapt faith as this was something that had never been done before in Nigeria,” said John Goldsmith, head of marketing for SPAR Nigeria. “In our first year, the promos lasted for three days and we received positive responses across the country that blew our expectations. This year, the number of items that are going up on sale has doubled compared to the last couple of years, so we are pretty excited about the outcome.”
Although many of the competition have also latched on to the Black Friday fever, SPAR told BusinessDay that it was going all out with over 5,000 items going for massive discounts of up to 80 per cent.
During the sale starting from this week Friday, shoppers can buy items such as electronics, laptops and accessories; wines and spirits; household items; perfumes; wristwatches; grocery and mobile phones, among others.
Goldsmith added that shoppers have already started making enquiries on when the next Black Friday will come up. “Our customers deserve value along with quality products and we at SPAR Nigeria desire to make sure we fulfil every expectation,” he said.
“Since its inception in 2014, the SPAR Nigeria Black Friday bonanza has blazed the trail by not only being the pioneer of Black Friday sales but also providing consumers with the best discount offers.
“Shoppers have been urged to gear up for the most competitive offers that will be available in SPAR stores nationwide. The bonanza will be a fund for friend and family, even as the yuletide season approaches when several items already on sale are the very necessities shoppers need to have a memorable season,” the statement noted.