• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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RenMoney campaigns…how money does not limit dreams


Often times we find ourselves grappling with one financial challenge or the other due to our limited resources, insatiable human needs or inability to pre-empt a looming financial burden.

This leaves us scrambling for alternative source of cash to meet such challenges and in some cases threatening our goals or dreams in life.

Disturbed by this common trend, RenMoney Micro Finance Bank has launched an innovative campaign designed to motivate Nigerians and also prove that money does not have to limit dreams of individuals anymore.

Comprising of a series of touching videos, the on going campaign showcases real individuals who have faced genuine financial crises at one point or the other in their lives and the steps they took to overcome the crisis.

In a statement released to BusinessDay, Graham Lee, CEO, RenMoney, described the campaign as an innovative way of showcasing the very problems RenMoney is trying to combat.

Lee observed that with a sizeable chunk of the country’s population currently facing real financial challenges and giving up on some of their important dreams because they are cash-constrained, the new campaign was not only timely but would also be instrumental in encouraging most people stay on focused in meeting their dreams.

According to him, “RenMoney is all about providing simple money solutions and our products and services have been tailored specifically to combat issues Nigerians face trying to access cash as well as well managed savings”.

With the campaign featuring a few Nigerians sharing their personal stories, RenMoney is confident that the video will challenge the public to examine their individual life patterns and take financial decisions that will not dampen their dreams.

According to Yetunde Faulkner, RenMoney’s Senior Vice President, Strategy, Products & Alternate Channels, sharing stories of past financial challenges will make it more evident to Nigerians that financial crisis is not unique to them.

“Everybody needs a little help at one point or the other and that is nothing to be ashamed of” she said, adding that the video is aimed at helping Nigerians take advantage of the products and services offered by RenMoney in solving their financial challenges and have better quality of life.

The public is encouraged to feel free to share their experiences of financial challenge and how they overcome it using the hash tag #ALittleMoneyAndADream on any social media platform of their choice.

RenMoney MFB Limited is a consumer finance organization with expertise in the provision of simple money solutions i.e. the bridge between credit and cash flows. The company has three product lines – Cash Loans, Fixed Deposits and Target Savings.