• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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‘Privatisation of water treatment will serve Lagosians better’

‘Privatisation of water treatment will serve Lagosians better’

Managing director of Law and Logan Energy and Engineering Ltd, Ajiboye Oyeleke has advocated the privatisation of modullar water treatment in Lagos, saying this would greatly enhance the quality of health of the residents.

Oyeleke, in an interview with BusinessDay, said modular water tanks would provide an effective and affordable approach to water treatment as well as generate clean water in a community without having to run long pipes that yield little or no result.

According to him, with an increasing population of Nigeria, having access to clean water has become more challenging in urban areas like Lagos.

He noted that the menace of contaminated water has become a major concern globally, especially in underdeveloped/developing countries, and measures were required to deal it.

According to World Health organisation (WHO) 3.4 million people, mostly children, die annually from water-related diseases. But the disease is almost unheard of in places where basic water supply, sanitation and hygiene prevail.

“One of the most effective means of treating water is by putting in place modular water treatment tanks,” he said.

According to Oyeleke, these modular water tanks can be used in housing development, environmental remediation, industrial parks, day-care centers, schools, religious centres, among others.

He argued that although the Lagos State has put in place a pre-treatment water system, it was not really as effective as it should be.

“In light of this, we encourage the government to work towards its privatisation so that individuals can have access to clean and potable water.”

“We also urge Lagosians to cooperate with the government on this by not partaking in water pipe vandalisation and other hazardous activities,” he said.