• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Pine-Empress unveils strategic media marketing solutions for churches in Africa

Pine-Empress unveils strategic media marketing solutions for churches in Africa

Pine-Empress Creative Concepts Limited has launched a strategic marketing solution for churches and faith-based organisations across Africa that is willing to explore the modern media technology to drive growth and impact.

#TheCorporateChurch is a full-service media marketing solution for churches, ministries, faith-based organisations, entrepreneurs and non-profits, a statement states.

“We have a vision to help the Christian community knock down media communications and technology barriers to reach a larger audience just by the simple act of relating to their needs through content creation, media management and event projects,” Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro, founder and CEO, Pine-Empress Creative Concepts Limited said in a statement.

“The media space is ever increasing; hence, there is a need for the Church to remain relevant to an ever-increasing audience,” Greg-Ighodaro said.

She stated that her organisations mission is to help this Christian community become knowledgeable as well as equipped with the right tools to engage a global market.

“From humanitarian relief organizations and charities to churches and ministries, we have created this product to specifically work with Christian churches, schools, ministries and businesses to help them live out – or even create – their mission online,” she said.

“Our biggest goal and strategy is to help the Christian community simplify media marketing communications,” she added.

“#TheCorporateChurch is made up of a team who understand the sensitivity as well as spiritual concerns administrators may have in running these organisations.

“We put all things in perspective and are peculiar to solutions given to individual organisations.”

She said that her organisation’s mode of operation allows for diversity in technique usage while depending on the church current need and end goal.

She added that Pine-Empress clearly understands the words used by Christians and perfectly engage it in its work processes.

She noted that church leaders, ministry coordinators, non-profits digital assistants as well as Christians in business need offline and online media tools, tweaks and tips, to enable them stretch their impact in these information swamped times.

“#TheCorporateChurch is therefore dedicated to providing resources and information for those who are responsible for keeping their organisations updated with the best marketing communication technology,” she said.

“If you serve as an administrative/executive pastor, business administrator, communications director, and digital assistant among others in any other faith-based organisations media or technology job, you will find must-have resources and connections to a community of leaders for greater impact worldwide,” she further said.

“Our mission is to keep resourcing, informing, and connecting a community of visionary leaders for greater impact worldwide.

“Let’s begin here and now, hence, media heads in various ministries are encouraged to reach out to benefit from the program via email to corporatechurchconference@gmail.com,” she added.