• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Nigerian US-based detective declares interest in 2019 presidential election


Against the backdrop of prevailing economic hardship and rising criticisms against the economic policies of the President Mohammadu Buhari administration, an international ace detective, Sam Nwanti, has declared his intention to contest for the position of Nigeria’s president come 2019 with a view to rectifying perceived anomalies in the system and redirect it for sustainable national growth.

Nwanti, a US-trained detective formerly attached to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, in the United States of America, USA, dropped the hint, in Owerri during an interactive chat, and identified the approach to the ongoing anti-corruption war and insecurity as major setbacks to achieving a flourishing economy for the nation.
The presidential aspirant who hails from Imo State explained that his aspiration is essentially anchored on his conviction that he has the wherewithal and even more to prosecute his presidential ambition to a successful conclusion, adding that the present state of the nation’s economy under President Buhari in just two years clearly shows that all was not well and change of baton has become inevitable.
He boasted that as a professional investigator he would effectively tackle the hydra-headed monster called corruption devastating Nigeria and bring about the much-needed positive change in the socio-political and economic spheres of the country.
According to him, the greatest challenge bedeviling the nation in the socio-political and economic spheres is the pervasive nature of corruption in the land because many have come to accept the malaise as a national way of life.

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He asserted that many corrupt politicians currently on the polity will be compelled to desert the arena when they know someone who has their crime profile handy is in the saddle or they turn a new leaf.
He said that his determination to replicate the practice of true democracy as is the case in the USA back home in Nigeria was another major driving force behind his ambition come 2019.
Nwanti disclosed that he had contested for the same position in 2015 under the platform of Mega Progressives Peoples Party, MPPP, but later withdrew from the race for the sake of then President Goodluck Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.
He stated that the reason for his seemingly early declaration of interest for the coming presidential duel is to give the Nigerian electorate ample opportunity and time to know him and assess the man who is aspiring to lead them as practised in other democracies, pointing out that the scenario where aspiring political leaders present themselves late to the public is improper and promotes mediocrity.
The international detective, who is yet to disclose the political party platform on which to run for the presidency, hinted that he would bring his abundant wealth of experience in undercover and criminal personality profiling, crime investigation as well as analysis into the current anti- corruption war in the country with a view to making it effective and result-oriented.
The FBI/KGB trained investigator and award winner who also holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement further assured of his capabilities to tackle insecurity occasioned by insurgency and violent crimes in parts of the country, if given the chance to serve using all at his disposal.
He said:”I want to become president of Nigeria because I know I have what it takes to occupy the position. I have age on my side, administrative acumen, international reputation, security expertise among other things to help my country come out of the woods in no distant future.
“In the course of my professional practice, I have investigated crime and corruption in Nigeria and recognised standards of institutional corruption. Our leaders have taken a lot of things for granted and that is why we are still crawling as a nation despite our abundant resources.”
Commenting on the present state of the nation, Nwanti noted that Nigeria is still far from realising the lofty dreams of the founding fathers of the country because of the approach to issues, stressing that unless something drastic was done the worse would be best imagined.
Promising to introduce vibrancy and virility into the governance system at all levels of the nation, Nwanti stated that his over 30years of experience and exposure in the security world gives him critical edge over and above the many others who may be nursing similar ambition during the coming presidential election in Nigeria.