• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Money matters to watch this year


By now, it should be clear to all of us that this year will be a difficult one and to survive it, you just have to start planning from Day 1.

Be prepared to let go of some things and spend only when absolutely necessary. If you have saved money, try not to touch it quickly.

1. Avoid capital projects in the next few months until you are certain of replenishing your bank accounts.

2. Avoid social travels that bring no added income.

If attending a burial, wedding, naming ceremony, marriage anniversary will eat into your savings, avoid them.

3. You would be called names, accept the name calling but understand that these same people will call you worse names if you have to borrow from them to feed your family.

4. Reduce your responsibilities. Your first duty is to your family. If you don’t provide for them, others will rarely do so.

5. Talk to your friends who are working not to bother asking you for favours. Many of them wear Armani shoes and will ask you for extra money to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

6. Avoid those who ask you in advance what you are going to get for them on their birthdays or Valentine day. They tell you things are hard but refuse to agree that things are hard for you too.

If your friends on social media send you a private message complaining about hardship and asking you for help, tell them if you start helping everyone on social media who has asked you for help, you will end up begging for help too.

7. Cut your cloth according to your material not size. If you think that staying in Lekki will take more than half of your savings, move to Otta. One man village, instead of Abuja.

8. The downfall of a man is not the end of his life.

Help your friends to start cutting costs by cutting costs yourself. Don’t spend thousands to celebrate your birthday because you will be putting pressure on them to celebrate theirs.

If they call and ask how your birthday is going to be, tell them “Ground no level”. Tell them you hope things will improve next year. Do not be pushed into unnecessary spending for any reason.

Even if you have the money to spend, spend on things that can uplift your life and the life of others.

9. People have spent millions on their wedding, only to live unhappily thereafter.

People have spent millions on their birthdays, only to be forgotten a few months after.

10. Most importantly, understand that happiness does not come from vanity.

They hail you as Abuja Big Boy, Lagos Big Girl, London Big Girl, Yankee Big Boy or Europa! its just a state of mind.

There are hundreds of people out there, unknown in your circles who are living a quiet life of bliss.

Moreover, there is no Big Boy or Girl in the grave.

11. Economic indices have indicated trying times ahead.

Concentrate your energy on things that can improve your life and the life of persons close to you.

Seriously reflect on the message and hope it makes a difference in our attitude to doing things in this difficult time. This is the only money I have to lend you at this critical period. Source: Social Media