• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Lagos builds more capacity to curb environmental challenges

Against the increasing threats to human existence from climate change-related risks, Lagos State government is taking proactive approach to adapt the city vulnerabilities and what could possibly be the after effect.
The government, in response to the various environmental challenges in the state towards building a megacity, on Tuesday, inaugurated the Lagos State Resilience Office (LASRO).
When a city responds to shock or stress without actually being weighed down with its impact, it is said to have built resilience against the shock and stress as a result of climate change. Hence, the Lagos State government, in its effort towards a resilience Lagos is celebrating the Resilient Lagos Week (RLW 2019) with the theme, ‘Resilient Lagos 2030.2050.2070.’
Akinwunmi Ambode, the state governor, said government efforts and investment in infrastructure development in creating opportunities for Lagosians were recognised by the Rockefeller Foundation. “Selection of Lagos State in the 100 resilience cities network is an impetus for the state to receive support for a better Lagos today, tomorrow, and for the future generation to come,” Ambode said.
According to Ambode, the setting up of the LASRO is with the mandate of making Lagos better. “As a government we will focus on the opportunities that Lagos offers while we will also continue to explore creative means similar to this in addressing our challenges,” the governor said.
Represented by Akinyemi Ashade, the state commissioner for finance said, globalisation, urbanisation, and climate change were driving the global future in which cities need to adapt, reflect and be responsive.
“We believe that the 100 resilience cities programme and the city resilience framework will amplify the qualities and capabilities the state will need in an increasingly unpredictable future. We believe resilience Lagos is the answer,” he said.
Simon Gusah, the chief resilience officer for Lagos, said the resilience office was a multi-disciplinary inter-ministerial group of professionals from the Lagos State government.
 “We believe that Lagos has all the potentials; it has the challenges but it has the potentials because it is the home of the Nigerian economy. There is every reason to believe that Lagos has the resources to transform itself. If anywhere in Nigeria can transform itself, it should be Lagos,” Gusah said.
Ibironke Sodeinde, the special adviser, Lagos State Resilience Office, said the resilience office would coordinate the various resilience efforts being taken in the state on individual levels. “With rapid urbanisation, increase population growth, the resources available to the state are currently over stretched,” she said. 
The Lagos State Resilience Office is to take a long-term strategic view and enable the city to prepare for an uncertain future. LASRO is a strategic planning office, which is expected to work with other implementation MDAs to enable them align their activities, projects and programmes with a more resilient future for Lagos.