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Kae Monae: Extraordinaire Real Estate Agent

Kae Monae Extraordinaire Real Estate Agent

Kayla Oboh popularly known as Kae Monae, a real estate agent in Maryland, USA, has emphasized the importance of compassion as an attribute of an Estate Agent.

With the declaration, “I am in the business of real estate and it is a passion-filled endeavour,” Oboh affirmed: “In addition to the necessary requirements needed to succeed in the real estate industry, one also needs to be able to connect emotionally with the client. If your heart is not into it, you will be oblivious to the concerns and deep needs of your client.”

She further added that Homestart Realty, her firm, is set up with the goal of connecting well-meaning people and families to homes where they can live and love one another. “A house is only a home when people who love each other live in it. Our aim is to give love a home in the hope that it continues to blossom for a very long time,” she said.

Location is deemed the most impactful factor in the property business. Using herself as an example Kae Monae, explained how this truism affects the career of real estate professionals. “I chose my current location because it is one of the most influential districts in the world. The possibilities for growth in my business here is vast and almost unparalleled elsewhere. I truly believe that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” she averred.

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Despite being Maryland-based, her real estate offerings, nonetheless, are both on local and national levels, she claimed, saying, “over the years, we have been able to cover more regions and connect to a much larger real estate network.”

Kae Monae further spoke on her roles as a realtor. “I am in charge of hefty legal paperwork and a huge amount of documentation. I am also responsible for the safety of my clients as well as my own and any equipment that may be under my care for whatever reason,” she articulated.

As for her passion for real estate, she offered a comprehensive insight: “I chose this business because I sincerely feel that a huge chunk of what the American dream means is to own your home and I am happy to assist with people bettering themselves and reaching their dreams.”

Kae Monae continued: “My husband, for example, is a Nigerian and owning a home here in America has been atop his bucket list for as long as he can remember. His experiences in the motherland have played a significant role in reigniting my passion daily in helping to secure homes for as many individuals and families as possible.”

Homestart Realty, she further disclosed, is also involved in charity. “My company has been involved in a number of charitable events as well as religious organisations which we have partnered with to give back to the community,” she stated.

Kae Monae added: “We are in the business of providing homes and we see on a regular basis how much joy and happiness this brings. It is for this exact reason that we are truly passionate about feeding the homeless and assisting them in finding shelter.”