• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Group appeals to Buhari to pardon Dariye on health grounds


The Youth Assembly at the United Nations (YAUN) has made a special appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to grant state pardon to the former Governor of Plateau State, Joshua Dariye to enable him to attend to his failing health condition.

YAUN President Dewan Gabriel told a press conference in Abuja on Thursday that Dariye, who is serving a 10-year jail term in Kuje prison, for diversion of public funds, is at the moment suffering from kidney failure and other complications, which need urgent medical attention. The YAUN President said the move is not to encourage corruption adding they are only acting to save the life of Dariye, who is a serving senator representing Plateau Central Senatorial District.

Reading a speech during the conference, Peter Sekibo, who the Steering Speaker West African Regional Representative of the YAUN, while appealing to President Buhari, said “we humbly and most respectfully wish to very especially appeal to you for the prerogative of mercy to our very illustrious son Senator Joshua Chibi Dariye who has been in prison since 12th June, 2018 for a jail sentence of 14 years, which was later reduced to 10 years after an appeal.

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“Less we are misunderstood Mr. President, we acknowledged and accepted in good faith the reasons for his being jailed which bothered on diversion of state funds which is a criminal offense. We do not in any way condone corruption of any kind which Your Excellency is known to standing very tall in the fight against it in no matter whoever is involved,” the group said.

They noted that the most fundamental reason for their special appeal is based on Dariye’s failing health in the prison. “Long before his incarceration, he is battling with these health challenges which require the close examination of specialists, which he cannot access while in prison. This has remained a grave subject of concern to his family, friends, and associates across the country.

“He is currently being managed on an in-patient basis by a multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, orthopedic surgeons, nutritionists, and physiotherapists. Based on the very complex nature of his ill health, we plead with your Excellency to please grant him a special pardon on health grounds,” the group said.

The group noted that Dariye is a first time offender and a victim of his judgment and political intrigues by his traducers.

“As a first time offender, Dariye has shown great remorse in prison. He has equally proved to be of good character. Rather than his spirit being dampened, he has turned into a preacher of the word of God to fellow convicts, which they can ably testify to,” the group added.

The leaders of the group insisted they were not sponsored to plead with the President on Dariye’s behalf, stressing that they were acting on humanitarian grounds.