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Gender balance is essential for economies, communities to thrive – ANWBN

Gender balance is essential for economies, communities to thrive – ANWBN

The Association of   Nigerian Women Business Network, (ANWBN) has said that gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive so as to increase the country’s Gross Domestic Product, (GDP) through industrialisation and Small and Medium Enterprises, (SMEs).

The association stated that women through SMEs already contribute hugely to the country’s GDP.

Speaking during a press conference to commemorate ANWBN’s International Women’s Day in Lagos, Anita Nana Okuribido, national coordinator, ANWBN said to improve and build the economy, women must learn to support each other and that is why ANWBN has recognised the fact that a women with a voice is a strong woman with countless potentials.

Nana said the association which has membership cutting across all renowned professions in Nigeria has garnered its wealth of experienced practitioners in the field of business, utilised their long aged practical knowledge and build upon their expertise in developing invaluable document for economic growth.

“The association with the support of the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), developed this agenda as a guide to addressing the major challenges business and professional women face, which had constituted huge impediments to their growth and sustainability.

“Before coming up with the document, CIPE took out time to build the capacity of the members of ANWBN in different areas of organisation management and market based economies in order to strengthen the capacities of members on coalition management so as to serve as effective voice of the people,” she explained.

She listed some of the priority issues for the association to help tackle and speak against to include high incidence of insecurity, inadequate power supply and poor road network, gender inequality in governance at all levels, lack of access to finance, arbitrary and multiple taxation and lack of commodity market protection from foreigners.

Also speaking at the event, Iyalode Alaba Lawson board of trustee ANWBN and immediate past and first female director general, NACCIMA Stressed that women have to speak with one voice and if they can achieved this, then they will all be winners.

“Women are winning; it only depends on what we want to be remembered for. We need to come together because in unity lies strength. If we can do this, the sky is our limit. Belong to your society or organisation but we need to speak with one voice because the global trend is tilted towards women coming together,” Lawson stated.

She commended women for their ability to manage any challenge.

“We manage our homes, our husbands and children. I want to congratulate all of us as we celebrate the 2020 International Women’s Day. I want to congratulate Joanna Maduka, the first female engineer of our time, who is present with us. You give us that inspiration. We celebrate you and we look more to seeing in in our outings,” she said.

“When you mentor you have to be firm and set your goal and be focused. I know who I am and you must know who you are. When you are focused and you set a goal and you don’t look back. We also celebrate our female captain of an airline present with us today,”  Lawson said.