• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Empowering Women: The SHE SPEAKS Summit by Joy Onyesoh Coaching Consult set to hold in June 2024


In the realm of personal and professional development, one event stands out for its commitment to empowering women: the SHE SPEAKS Summit by Joy Onyesoh Coaching Consult. The annual program, led by Prof. Joy Onyesoh, is designed to help women find their voice, share their message, and build a platform for speaking, personal development, business development, and leadership.

*Q: Who is the pioneer of the summit?*
A: The pioneer of the summit is Prof. Joy Onyesoh, a certified coach and consultant with expertise in personal and professional development, leadership, and strategy. She is the CEO and Lead Coach of Joy Onyesoh Coaching & Consult.

*Q: Share details about the summit, date, location, etc:*
A: The SHE SPEAKS Summit by Joy Onyesoh Coaching Consult is an annual program specifically designed for women to empower them to find their voice, share their message, and build a platform for speaking, personal development, business development, and leadership. The summit is scheduled for June 28th and 29th, 2024, at Fidelma Hotel in Enugu.

*Q: What is the overall theme of the “She Speaks Summit” and why is it important?*
A: The theme of the SHE SPEAK SUMMIT 2024 is “Creating Legacy.” This theme is important as it helps participants reflect on their life journey, live intentionally, and impact their world by harnessing power, eliminating self-sabotage, creating roadmaps for legacy building, adapting to change, and building supportive communities.

*Q: What impact do you hope the summit will have on attendees and the broader community?*
A: The Summit aims to help attendees adapt to challenging life situations, overcome fears and self-sabotage, create impactful legacies, network and build strategic relationships, build an attitude of gratitude and live intentionally, and develop strategies to remain relevant in a changing world.

*Q: How does the “She Speaks Summit” address the specific needs and challenges faced by women today?*
A: The summit addresses the specific needs and challenges of women today by providing a platform for multiple expressions of realities, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, interacting with experienced speakers and coaches, and providing opportunities for co-creating solutions.

*Q: Can you tell us about some of the key speakers and the topics they will be addressing?*
A: Key speakers include Prof. Vincent Onodugo, Dr. Helen Ese Emore, and Prof. Joy Onyesoh, covering topics such as adapting to change, harnessing power to create legacies, leveraging media for growth, building supportive communities, and building financially sustainable brands.

*Q: What kind of sessions will be offered at the summit, and how will they cater to a diverse range of women’s interests and experiences?*
A: The summit offers plenary sessions, interactive sessions, breakout groups, hands-on exercises, and reflective sessions to cater to diverse interests and experiences.

*Q: Who is the target audience for the “She Speaks Summit”?*
A: The target audience includes aspiring speakers and authors, leaders and influencers, entrepreneurs and business owners, and women with a passion for sharing God’s message.

*Q: What are some of the key takeaways attendees can expect to gain from the summit?*
A: Attendees can expect to gain tools and strategies for personal and business development, networking and collaboration opportunities, a blueprint for creating lasting legacies, enhanced understanding of AI relevance to growing sustainable brands, and clarity on the next steps.

*Q: Will there be opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees?*
A: Yes, the SHE SPEAKS Summit actively provides opportunities for networking and collaboration.

*Q: Are there any scholarships or financial assistance programs available for attendees?*
A: There are limited discounted tickets available for startup business owners (0-3 years).

*Q: How can interested individuals learn more about the “She Speaks Summit” and register to attend?*
A: Interested individuals can register through the provided link: https://bit.ly/shespeaks2024registration
or contact via call/WhatsApp at +2347042291171.
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