• Monday, June 24, 2024
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Embarking next vacation, work on your budget


Summer vacation starts in the month of July and ends on August 30. Many families in Nigeria embarking on a vacation given the current FX issue in the country would have some huge cost to bear. Hence, it requires some level of budget making.

While it is not cheap and only families with substantial reserve can undertake such expenditure, careful planning has shown that the cost can be reduced. Also, in view of recent innovations in travel and hospitality and so on that people can actually leverage, the huge amount of money expended on such trips can be cut to a realistic level.

One strategy you can consider is apartment rentals. If you are open to it, home exchange can save you a fortune on accommodation. You can make money while you are away and save money where you are going. Furnished apartment rentals have become enormously popular in recent years because they are easy to book via the Internet and they often cost half the price of a hotel on a per-person basis. Services such as Airbnb, Home Away and so on acting as go-between, make this dream a reality. As a home owner going on vacation, you can provide a room or two for a hotel weary guest or someone looking for something a little cheaper than a hotel for a short while. Hence, while you are away, your home is bringing in income. To enjoy this, just go to Airbnb and list your home but keep in mind that enlisting for a home also means opening your home to strangers.

On the other hand, you too can be someone’s home guest while on vacation. Check the listings in the country where you are going to and find out the best bargain that suit the needs of your family and save yourself a small fortune in hotel charges, restaurant bills and transportation costs.

If you are staying in a rented apartment, try not to eat out all the time as this might be very costly and can eat up more than half of your vacation budget if you are not careful. Usually the rental agreement will include use of the kitchen, go out and pick up some groceries like cereal, groceries and so on. Ensure that you eat before setting out each day in order to ward off the hunger pangs.

Another idea is to choose a less expensive destination. Understand that less expensive does not mean absence of charm and excitement. For instance, if you had intended to travel to Paris which is very pricey and popular, settling for cities like Budapest and Athens could still guarantee the excitement and even more adventure that you seek.

Book your flight tickets way ahead of time. Waiting until the week of the vacation to book your ticket means that you buy it at the normal rate. But most airlines give attractive discounts to people who book their flights ahead of time. Importantly, it also ensures that you do not get to pay at the rate of the current inflation. To save a little more, consider flying midweek instead of on the weekend; fly with stops instead of direct. Small changes can save you a lot of money – multiplied by the number of people travelling.

Plan to take free tours while at your destination. In major cities around the world, free walking tours show you the city’s highlights as well as the culture of the people. What’s more, you also make new friends. New York City has Big Apple Greeters while Paris has Paris Greeters. New Europe Tours operates throughout the continent in cities such as Edinburgh, Dublin, Berlin, and Amsterdam. These are services that can give you an unforgettable experience at no cost.

Research your destination’s cultural websites if you plan to visit the sites, this way you will know what is free or discounted. According to travel experts, many museums, parks, and zoos that charge admission sometimes offer a free day or time period.

Finally, it will not be a complete vacation if you do not come back with souvenirs. So go shopping but be smart where and how you spend your money.