• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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BATN Foundation, BoA sign MoU on ‘Wealth is Here’ initiative

British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation

British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation has signed a partnership agreement with the Bank of Agriculture (BoA) on Wealth is Here campaign.

The Wealth is Here campaign, an initiative of the BATN Foundation was created to revive hope and patriotism in the Nigerian youth about their country and most importantly inspire entrepreneurial interest in the agricultural sector.

Speaking at the event, Ololade Johnson-Agiri, general manager, BATN Foundation said that the Wealth is Here campaign is intended to redeem Nigeria’s glorious past which was built on the pillar of a thriving agriculture.

“The Wealth is Here campaign is a reminder of Nigeria’s glorious past in agriculture. It is a call to Nigerians to seek out opportunities in the agricultural sector. In this initiative we have identified some solutions to bridge the gap mitigating their involvement in this sector,” she said.

“We see a future where we will all thrive and survive. The Bank of Agriculture believes in this future too. In our partnership, BATN Foundation will leverage on BOA’s technical strength to fully develop and promote the Wealth is Here initiative. BOA will provide linkage to credit facilities for farmers or groups who emerge successful in our projects,” she added.

Also speaking during the signing, Abimbola Okoya, executive director, BATN Foundation said the signing of the MoU highlights the commitment of both organisations to work together towards the attainment of a joint mandate in promoting sustainable agricultural development in the country.

According to Okoya, the foundation has implemented about 200 projects and invested over NI.5billion towards the socio economic development in Nigeria.

On his part, Olabode Abikoye , executive director, BOA commended BATN’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and for steeping into the gap to meet the needs of farmers and youth cross the country.

“We are honoured to be a part of this initiative. We are humbled that you deemed us fit as a worthy partner to take this step with you. BATN Foundation is a huge partner for any corporate engagement. I am happy that BATN Foundation is identifying what the critical need is and is stepping into the gap to feel that need,” Abikoye said.

“ What BATN has done is to give hope to our teeming youth and convince them that they can prosper in Nigeria and do not need to go leave the country for greener pastures. We identify with that as a development finance institution that has a rural economy as our primary focus. We appreciate the gesture BAT has made,” he said.

He further noted that it will continue to leverage on BoA’s technical expertise. “This will eventually lead to reversal of rural-urban migration currently witnessed,” he said.

Abikoye added BoA will continue its various interventions in the agriculture.


Olufikayo Owoeye