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Ahead of 2015, Kumuyi urges Nigerians to look unto Jesus

Ruth C. Jones, a song writer scripted: “In times like these, you need an anchor; in times like these you need a Saviour…” And the scripture says, “the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.”
The prevailing security challenges in the country, the economic/financial issues, family, social challenges and other numerous life-threatening troubles in Nigeria appear to have defied human efforts. For this reason, there is growing apprehension all over the place, particularly as Nigeria approaches an election year.
This growing apprehension is fuelled by predictions in certain quarters that the unity of the country could be threatened in the New Year. So, the fear is palpable. It was against this backdrop that the leadership of the Deeper Life Bible Church organised a twin event- 2014 December National Retreat and Miracle/Revival Programme which ran concurrently.
The event, which was held from Thursday, December 18 to Sunday, December 21, 2014, had its theme as: ‘Lifted up to Higher Ground & Enrichment through God’s visitation.” It aimed at getting believers to know their stand in Christ and their inheritance in God.
Preacher after preacher emphasised that to survive in today’s sin-polluted world, believers and saints of God must constantly look up to Jesus the Author and Finisher of their faith.
Addressing the mammoth crowd, Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi declared that 2015 is the year of God’s visitation. He said God would give His people a cause to celebrate in the New Year.
Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi
Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi
“God will visit you in the New Year; of everything holding you down, the Lord will break it. You will step into your Promised Land,” he said.
“Things will turn around in your life. It is not what you see yesterday, it is not what you see today, a brighter day is coming; the coming days for you will be better than the good old days. The things of the past may be wonderful, the things of today and tomorrow will be more wonderful,” he intoned.
The cleric urged all not to be like the complaining, critical and murmuring Israelites in the Bible. The pastor also advised Nigerians not to magnify present and past crises, but rather magnify the promises and plan of God. “For you to know that God has come to visit His people… nothing will stop you onward journey,” he said.
“God has not written you off. God has not forgotten you. There is a glorious day awaiting you; things will turn around… the bright future is starting today.”
Kumuyi also strongly admonished his teeming adherents and other sincere seekers across the world to take insightful look into their lives and prepare for life beyond now; according to him, the return of the Lord is imminent.
He advised all people, especially Nigerians not to seek powers outside the confines of the word of God, saying that we do not need to kill ourselves to have worldly and ephemeral powers, this should moderate our conducts on earth.
He emphasised that worldly attainments will fade away, whereas the word of God remains forever. Therefore, as Christians and saints, we must constantly feed ourselves on the word of God, which must be our guide, and by so doing, we ultimately make heaven.
He further stressed that it is pointless to fight for things that will not last beyond 60 to 70 years when we can strive for the ideal of righteous and unblemished life through the grace of God, and through a life that is well-pleasing to God, to eventually attain a life that has no end, which is as blissful as it is glorious.
He variously blessed the people and urged them to be satisfied  with the goodness and kindness of God which are more than sufficient to take care of them both here and hereafter, stressing that God, at all times must be their pillar of strength and corner stone, and abiding refuge for every situation.
The programme also featured seminars under which several topics were considered. Such topics include: Giving thanks, preceding request for great things; Miracles following a session of praise in the enemy’s camp; Gratitude and praise that are pleasing God; Praising God after a great victory, and the place of thanksgiving in receiving answers to prayers.
Others are: God’s provisions from an unusual source; all round success for the righteous; irrevocable promises for steadfast and faithful believers; succeeding through trusting God’s promises, and bringing hope and help in unlikely ways.
While the retreat messages were tailored toward challenging believers to live a holy life and be agents of change in society through the propagation of the gospel via personal evangelism, the miracle/revival segment featured power ministrations by Pastor Kumuyi.
In this session, many people who had been under the bondage of Satan got their freedom. Some of those who were taken to the camp as near-dead fellows received the power to live; blind eyes were opened. The dumb spoke, and those who had impaired movements leapt for joy as they suddenly began to walk properly; some abandoned their walking aids, some had mysterious objects that had lived in their bodies for many years, removed, and some who had threatening diseases and infirmity were delivered.
There were choir ministrations that prepared the hearts of participants before each message. There were also orchestra performances, particularly during congregational songs.
The programme provided opportunities for people to share their testimonies with the mammoth crowd of worshippers. For instance, a woman who had married for 19 years without a child climbed the stage to tell her story, how God took away the reproach. Her name is Toyin Adeyemi.
Samuel Olubiyi from Isolo area of Lagos State told how he and his wife were blessed with a baby after four consecutive years of miscarriages suffered by the wife. He also testified to his divine promotion after seven years of working without recognition.
Mr. and Mrs. Chijioke were also on hand to tell their deliverance story. After several years of miscarriages, the woman conceived, and the pregnancy lasted through the nine months’ duration. When she was due to put to bed, all efforts by the medical team for her to have a normal delivery failed. After 13 hours of labour, she was wheeled into the theatre for an operation.  But few days after the caesarean section (CS), her tummy began to swell up and a panic visit to the hospital revealed that an object was forgotten inside the tummy when the CS was carried out on her.
She said that her husband was told to sign and that her survival was fifty-fifty. But to the glory of God, she survived.
Samson Anene said he had been down with a strange and excruciating pain in the leg that nearly paralyzed him. According to him, in a trance, he saw a hand dig into his knee and pulled out an object that looked like a calabash, and instantly, the affliction ceased.
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