• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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President Goodluck Jonathan was said to have done everything he knew to defend the naira against value crash and to stabilise fuel supply but failed, according to the president’s bitterest political opponent at the moment, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Rivers State governor.

For this reason, Amaechi, who has promised the re-launch of what he called the mega rallies that would frighten the presidency, told communities in Rivers State to forget the brother-syndrome and vote in a new government to re-start the economy with fresh ideas and neater managers. Amaechi spoke in Degema, Obonoma and Abonnema communities in Degema and AkukuToru Local Government Areas of the state during APC state ward-to-ward campaign. With few weeks to go for the country’s presidential election, Amaechi, who is the directorgeneral of the Muhammud Buhari campaign organisation as well as the chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), assured that the All Progressives Congress (APC) under Buhari, would turn around the country’s misfortunes.

He noted that the current challenges plaguing the country would adequately be addressed with needed political will to positively turn around the country’s wheel of development. He said: “This election is not about brother, it is about your stomach. The President can afford, if dollar likes, Dollar can get to N300 or N400 to a Dollar, the President can afford it but you can’t afford it. Now, they tried everything possible to stop the Dollar from losing control. They couldn’t because the economy will determine whether the Dollar will lose control or not and the economy has done that already”. He went on: “Another one is fuel.

They have done everything possible to pay for fuel. They can’t pay. The money is not there. Now, there is fuel crisis. If they win they will abandon you completely because they have no solution to the problem”. He criticised President Jonathan for not taking decisive action on the recent tragic shooting that disrupted the APC rally in Okirika, Rivers State, assuring that Buhari would also guarantee the safety of lives of Nigerians by providing them security.

He therefore, urged the people to vote for the APC presidential candidate and protect their votes. “Protect your votes. How do you protect your votes, follow the man. If we don’t win, the kings of this place will no longer be in charge here. It will be these people who carry guns. You know, people say Boko Haram in the North, we also have Boko Haram in the South because the number of people they kill every day is high and the President doesn’t care. The President heard about shooting in Okrika, he has done nothing. If you want your life to be cared for, then allow Buhari to come.

The only way Buhari can come is for you to go and vote APC on that day”. Amaechi pursued: “The first solution to the problem is a new government. Are we going to win? The answer is yes. We have not started campaign. We will start campaign by the end of this week. We will see the crowd again that will frighten the President. Nigerians want change. Things have got to change”. He decried the poor state of the federal road in Kalabari area, assuring that Buhari, when elected, would fix it and bring other democratic dividends to the state. He said: “See your road. I sat with the President with Kalabari chiefs and I said, ‘allow me take this road, two years ago. President said no’. You can see the road, next rainy season; you cannot drive into this place unless you change the President and if you change the President, then the new President can fix the road, not the Rivers State Government. It’s a federal road. It’s important everybody understands that the road into Kalabari is a federal road and I asked for permission to fix the road and the President said ‘no’, and he has refused to fix it. If he likes Kalabari people, why has he not fixed it?” He urged the people of the state to vote Dakuku Peterside as governor in the state and Buhari as President on March 28 and April 11, respectively.

He recalled that President Jonathan had rejected his first two ministerial nominees from Kalabari, explaining that the President did not like Kalabari people. “If he (Jonathan) likes Kababari people, why did he reject Odein Ajumogobia and Tonye Cole”. Also speaking, APC deputy governorship candidate in Rivers State, Asita Honourable Asita, bemoaned the travails rocking the country and assured that the country under Buhari would wear new look in all sectors. He also decried the fact that the Jonathan-led administration had done nothing for Rivers State despite the state’s huge electoral support to him during the country’s 2011 general election.