• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Elizade Toyota offer recipe for vehicle longevity

Toyota, Lexus, Telsa rank as the world’s cheapest cars to maintain

Over the years, Elizade Nigeria Limited, a front-line dealer in all Toyota models annually organises a forum for its in house technical team drivers with the purpose of keeping them updated on the relevance of taking precautionary measures that would prolong the life span of the Toyota vehicles as well as enhance its performance.

This year was no exception. Only recently, during the third edition of Elizade Nigeria Limited Customer Loyalty Programme put together for owners and drivers of Toyota vehicles drawn from corporate organisations, government levels and the academia, Emmanuel Oluwaseyi, deputy general manager, After-sales, ENL advised owners and drivers of new Toyota brand of vehicles to handle them with care in order to enjoy their vehicles throughout the lifespan.

In reminding them that latest Toyota vehicles were built with advanced technology, he stressed the need for existing and prospective owners and drivers to strictly comply with the recommended maintenance schedule of the manufacturer.

According to the company official, “We have seen cases of vehicles being damaged a few weeks after the purchase; it is not about defective products but it is the result of not knowing what to do. Some people don’t know that putting the gear on three without restraint will harm the gear and can damage the gear box. And some gear boxes go for N1m each.”

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Looking backwards, he said that the company had achieved customers’ education in the last two years, adding that Elizade Nigeria Limited have reduced their complaints by about 50 per cent.

Also speaking at the event, Macauley Modupe, a training officer at the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), took the drivers through a session on ‘Standard Safety Practices for Vehicle Operations.’ He used the opportunity to warn drivers and other motorists on the need to pay serious attention on defensive driving.

On his part, Adebayo Olusoji, head of operation, Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service, spoke on the need to drive responsibly, lamenting the high number of fatal accidents being recorded nationwide despite the huge road safety campaigns. He said, “What’s more, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of three and 34 in this country.”

The head of operations while speaking on the theme; ‘Driver’s Responsibility and Vehicle Maintenance,’ said the driver is responsible for the safety/security of their passengers, cargo and the vehicles. He urged them to always carry out daily inspection of their vehicles by checking the engine oil, brake fluid and water level as well as the tyres and lights.

He admonished company drivers to keep updating their logbook in accordance with their company’s regulations. “If you notice any mechanical problem or strange noise, immediately inform your supervisor; it may be a problem that needs to be looked at by a mechanic at once; your alertness helps to keep the vehicle in a safe running order,” he said.

Olusoji also gave a few tips on how to handle different vehicles’ engines. For instance, he said, “When starting a cold diesel engine, wait until the pre-heat light has gone off. When turning off a turbo-charged vehicle, wait for two minutes before shutting off. This is to allow the turbo to cool down first. Engines, he warned, should not be subjected to high revolving immediately after starting. Avoid driving with your foot on the clutch. This causes rapid wear of the clutch system and the engine.”