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2014 Grand Cherokee SRT sure-footed, classy


Weststar Associates Limited (WAL), owners of the Jeep sole dealership rights in Nigeria has ended the first quarter of the year on a positive note following the unveiling of the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT super- Sport Utility Vehicle to the motoring press, thus laying the ‘red-carpet’ on other positive things to come for the dealership from now moving forward.

WAL, the authorised general distributors of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram in Nigeria in association with M-B Automobiles Services, the accredited local dealer in an official launch of the 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT, ushered in the legendary Jeep range with open door event last Saturday inside MBC showroom, Lekki, Lagos.

According to Mirko Plath, managing director of Weststar, “The prominence of the brand has its foundation in its rich and fruitful history, and the outlet aims at making Jeep a household name in the Nigerian Automobile industry.”

The distinctively aggressive and athletic styling of the 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT makes a statement both day and night and separates itself from the pack. Enhancements to the lighting, front fascia and wheels are the first exterior design elements noticed on this latest entrant into the Jeep family.

Further to this, the blending of aggressive, upscale and functional styling is readily apparent upfront, where the signature even-slot upper grille with black screen insert has been shortened and is flanked by slimmer, adaptive, bi-xenon headlamps that are surrounded by a signature LED character lamp treatment.

The famous Jeep grille itself is larger, and the headlamps feature a unique black background to distinguish the new SRT model from other Jeep Grand Cherokee models, while further accenting their jewel-like appearance.

New styling enhancements also enabled SRT designers to incorporate the headlamp washers into the headlamp housing for the first time- rather than on the bumper. This ensures a cleaner and more functional appearance.

The new one-touch lift gate delivers improved customer convenience, and features a new SRT badge. The lift gate is operated electronically with the push of a button, and standard 4-inch dual exhaust tips integrated into the lower fascia, deliver the throaty exhaust note the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT enthusiasts expect.

Inside laced with an amazing blend of fabric and hide, style and function that inspires confidence in every move you make. Style, functionality and authenticity were the main ingredients used during the interior design process of the all-new SRT package. Engineers, designers and stylists all had a hand in blending form and function to the eye-catching interior that has been created. This is where technology is headed.

Coming standard, is a new ‘launch’ control button. The main function is to allow for maximum acceleration and traction off the line. It is located behind the new T-handle shifter on the centre console and a redesigned SRT-exclusive three-spoke steering wheel.

The steering wheel consists of more ergonomically efficient paddle shifters which feature a host of comfort, convenience and connectivity controls such as the Uconnect Access with voice activation even as ‘Ready Alert Braking’ system also comes standard in the Grand Cherokee SRT.

Here, air is forced through cooling brake ducts, thereby providing exceptional stopping time. The brake system is put through numerous rigorous tests in various and extreme race circuit environments in order to meet the exacting standards of SRT engineers. Brakes are designed to withstand more torture than customers will ever likely encounter.

For the past two years, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has earned the title as the Total Quality leader for the medium-size SUV segment by Strategic Vision. Proud to showcase this outstanding Jeep model, Weststar and M-B-Automobile set out to reveal the remarkable features, and why it stands out from the crowd in the SUV segment.

“Be it power, functionality, luxury, class, style or strength, the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee certainly ticks all the boxes,” stated Michael Wagner, the general manager, M-B Automobiles Services.

The Grand Cherokee SRT is Jeep’s real hero car, and the only one to compete effectively with the super-SUV benchmark from Porsche . The Jeep’s drastic SRT makeover is arguably the most effective across the Chrysler range by blending the huge Hemi V-8’s torque with the sure-footed and quite advanced Grand Cherokee platform.

A change across the board from “SRT8” to “SRT” for all the performance trims prepares the range for its next generation of super and turbocharged SRT models – with forced induction making the SRT6, SRT4 etc cylinder counts much less meaningful.

The SRT conversion makes the Grand Cherokee one of the most entertaining models out of Auburn Hills, with all the track attitude and road muscle of the Viper but far fewer trade-offs in daily driving.

As almost a totally distinct model from the Grand Cherokee range, the SRT version is new for 2014 with the latest interior tech upgrades, a new eight-speed auto transmission, and the tasteful headlight LED accents that were new this year on the base models.

Combined with the menacing nose graphic of the Grand Cherokee SRT, the additional LED lights update the nose appearance nicely. A black lower bumper shroud makes the SRT seem mean even with the lights off, with its 20-inch wheels and giant tires looking very prominent from all angles.

The real news with this latest Jeep is new launch control programming for the cutting-edge autobox that should offer an even quicker sprint than the last model’s 5.1-second rush to 60 mph. Smoothness, economy, and tow ratings are also all up across the board, making this Grand Cherokee SRT quite an appealing prospect for hot-rod SUV shoppers.