• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Occupying  leadership  position without  service …Have you spoken to your senator once?


When you see countries where things are the way they ought to be, citizens are happy and the economy is friendly,  such countries do not just evolve from no where and things are placed into shape, people make things happen in such countries. Who are these people? Mostly people in various leadership positions who have good brains, know the right things to do and decide to do them HUMBLY by serving their followers.

On the contrary, check out countries who are the opposite of what i said above, they also have leaders, who are also brainy may even have more natural and human resources but nothing works. Citizens are angry year after year because standard of living keeps taking a stinking nose dive, economy keeps dwindling and you wonder—are there leaders in this countries?    Is there a functional Government in place?  Ofcourse there are leaders or else they would not be refered as countries/nations!   Again countries do have Government to pilot the affairs of what happens.  So if suffereing countries have leaders and Government in place, why do they still suffer in almost all aspect of good living?

Sometime last year i kept hearing about a country like Ghana who never had problems in power supply  having issues in their electricity supply.  It was in the news regularly but since i was not not in Ghana i could not certify it 100% to be true. You know why? All the years i lived in Ghana, what i saw in their electricity distribution was fantastic. Steady regular power and occassionally when there were power outage which never lasted for more than couple of hours, they will inform citizens early to warn them about the outage and the time the power would be restored.  This was one of the things i enjoyed while living in Ghana coming from a country where electricity was and still is non-existence in terms of regularity.  No one uses or even knew anything about Generators and am sure people hardly sell them over there because there would not be market for them.  Then the present President was the Vice President with Late Atta Mills and Ghananians loved him and looked up to him for various positive economic actions. So now he is the President, i am suprised to hear that a country like Ghana where its citizens does not know about power outage complains about irregularities in power. Something is definitly wrong and it all boils down to the kind/style of leadership with people of authority over there.

For us here in Nigeria, the issue of power has gotten to a stage that any day we have a full day power supply without up to 7 times or more interruptions( oh..spare me..sure i do count the interruptions as they occur ) and epilepcy, we will pinch our selves to know if we are truly alive/ breathing.   Sounds funny huh? But this is how baaaaaddddd……it is here with electricity supply in Nigeria. I am talking about daily interruptions, there are areas that lack electricity for weeks/months but at the end of the month, bills are imposed on them to pay. Crap huh? Total crap!!

Who is a leader? What are qualities of a leader? Who is supposed to occupy leadership positions?  Seriously, every idea of who is a leader in my country sucks!  We chose leaders based on affluence , bank account details, ethnicity, tribal sentiments, religious sentiments and man-know-man syndrome.  A leader is someone who has the maximium interest of the people he is about to lead at heart. A leader must understand that he is being considered for a leadership role not just to go in there and acquire money and material affluence as in the case with Nigerian leaders.   Are you aware that our leaders hardly make –policies that benefits the masses?  Listen,  every time there is a fight among our Government officials and politicians and by the time you absorb the entire story, it boils down to one or two leaders striving for their own personal political ambitions or social status. Nothing that has got to do with the interest of issues that concerns the comfort of the followers.  Recently, the senate has given the Minister of power the mandate to cancel the new increase  of power tariff . We have heard it in the news but trust me, this is where it will end.   Will the Minister of power abide by this? Will the electricity tariff be cancelled?  Listen, as far as i am concerened,  the issue of increase of power is not our leaders wahala because bills are not sent to them. Electricity or no electricity, their houses are lighted 24/7 without non stop and please do not ask me how.  It is the problem of the masses, the followers and as far as the leadership style of this country is concerned, issues that concerns the masses hardly hold water for our leaders. Then you wonder- who the hell are you leaders representing?    Will it be a taboo to hear regularly our leaders debate and talk about common issues that affects our citizens and ensure our people have a strong voice in the leadership roles of this country?

I get so pissed when i hear leaders who come out to say that the followers know how to reach them to lay their complains. How to reach you as a senator? House of reps?   Tell me – Did you provide any  direct/hotline phone number  for your community to call so they can talk to you direct ?  Your people do not even know you are representing them in the senate /house of reps.  Is it not your duty to find ways and relate to your community one on one so they can talk and share their concerns with you? I suppose they are the reason you are elected to be a senator /law maker in the first place huh? So you can know what their needs are , present them to the government and also find solutions to them.   Nayyy…..all you do is to seek and fight for political party membership and how to route your ways to 2019.   You have not even done anything for your constituency since 2015 till present and from all indications has no blue print or plans for your people … do you dear senator/Honourable?  Do you?

Everyday, all we hear is party this, this party that….probe this, probe that….is this the kind of service leaders are supposed to render to their followers?  Is this what leadership is all about?   I stand to be corrected here if someone reading this feels am biased or jiving here.

There are no credible leaders in this coutntry for now till we start electing leaders whose qualifications are measured by  their inner self dignity and credibilty without attaching material /social status inffluence.