• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Utiva raises $500,000 funding to tackle digital apprenticeship gap

Utiva to equip 1 million cybersecurity talents for multiple industries

Utiva, an educational tech firm in Africa has secured $500,000 in funding to scale up and develop FLiT into a Pan-African digital apprenticeship programme for young Africans.

The tech firm raised the fund from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) for its latest Digital Job Placement/Apprenticeship Product for Tech Talents called FLiT.

FLiT is a dynamic digital job placement and apprenticeship product aimed at transforming African tech talents through digital apprenticeship, thus bridging the hiring gap in the industry and propelling participants into rewarding tech roles.

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The apprenticeship programme was created to support gender equality in the technology industry and was launched on June 21, 2023, at the Utiva facility in Lagos, Nigeria.

At the launch, Damilola Daniels, Utiva’s Programs Manager said “We firmly believe that this is the next aspiration of Africans – to go from classes to jobs and we are stepping in to solve this problem”.

The company noted that FliT is designed to find the best talents from hundreds of boot camps out there, retrain them briefly through our project-focused accelerator, and get them into jobs.

Apprenticeship here means they have a job, get paid, learn the rudiments of their skills from a practical and real life side of things and to move from there to full-time role. Each apprentice is considered a key talent for their host organization and are paid within the period.

Utiva has trained over 50,000 talents across the world and is building FLiT as part of its vision to help top companies around the world find the best talents that can augment their current in-house technology talent needs. FLiT represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering unparalleled value to the tech industry.

FLiT, initially introduced as an apprenticeship program in 2020, has successfully assisted 500 young individuals in transitioning into full-time positions within the technology industry.

Moreover, it has facilitated the hiring of new talents for over 320 companies. FLiT is designed in its first two years to help 2000 women start their careers in tech and help 1000 companies in the technology industry hire talents.