• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Uber’s in-app emergency support to address safety in Nigeria

Uber’s in-app emergency support to address safety in Nigeria

Uber, a ridesharing company, has introduced an emergency in-app support system as part of safety measures for both drivers and riders in Nigeria. The safety feature, developed in partnership with Sety aims to enhance the safety standards on its platform.

Tope Akinwumi, the Country Manager for Uber, during the event held in Lagos, said the in-drive features are designed to offer immediate assistance in emergencies.

“The emergency button is intended to address various critical situations, including attacks, damaged property, accidents, and health emergencies. Moreover, it is expected to help reduce unruly behaviours displayed by drivers or riders” he said.

Speaking further, he said “When you are on a trip, the company won’t physically be present with you and the driver. However, we understand that sometimes there might be situations where the driver or the rider behaves inappropriately or disruptively, and it becomes challenging for Uber to accurately assess the situation without any direct evidence. That’s why we launched this feature so you can now record a trip and report to Uber so we can now make decisions based on our community guidelines.”

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Also at the event, Nnamdi Mmelie, the CEO of Sety, noted that the service has been developed over 18 months, collaborating with various emergency providers like ambulance services, security agencies, private security companies, and other first responders. “The goal is to ensure comprehensive and effective emergency services,” he said.

The ride-hailing firm also announced a trip audio recording platform to address concerns about unruly behaviour during trips. “It allows users to record their trips and report any incidents to Uber for action based on their community guidelines,” Akinwumi said. This feature provides an unbiased account of events as there are no Uber representatives present during the trip.