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Tech recruiting industry in Nigeria deserves attention – Femi Ehindero

Tech recruiting industry in Nigeria deserves attention – Femi Ehindero

In Nigeria, the task of filling vacant roles within startups often falls on the shoulders of Human Resource (HR) managers or department heads. Despite well-defined roles and structures, the hiring process remains a critical aspect of organisational success.

HR managers, equipped with specialised skills in Compensation & Benefits, play a pivotal role in managing recruitment, including talent acquisition. Alternatively, some companies enlist the services of external recruiters or headhunters to handle this crucial task.

For Femi Ehindero, a seasoned recruiter and consultant with over eight years of experience, specialising in the Fintech and Banking sectors, success in the tech startup space requires adaptability, industry knowledge, and the ability to attract top talent aligned with the startup’s culture and needs.

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The consultant emphasises the importance of understanding the fast-paced nature of the tech industry and the unique skill sets essential for innovation and growth.

Femi’s expertise extends to Senior-Level HR Business Partnering, Talent Acquisition Leadership, and Generalist functions across Tech and Agile Product teams. He has spearheaded transformative HR initiatives, managed tech recruitment campaigns, and implemented successful change management strategies.

Recognising the challenges faced by recruiters in sourcing high-quality candidates and promoting diversity, he advocates for enhancing recruitment processes and continuously upskilling recruiters to assess the latest tech skills.

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Fueled by his passion for the industry, Femi initiated “Tech Recruiting.ng,” a platform for knowledge sharing, mentorship, and community building among HR professionals. Through speaking engagements, mentorship programs, articles, and participation in professional associations, Femi contributes significantly to the growth and development of HR professionals in Nigeria.

Femi’s venture into tech recruiting began during his tenure as a team lead in organisational development and change management. Understanding the critical role of technology in organisational success, he transitioned into Tech Recruiting, becoming a key figure bridging the gap between talent acquisition and the evolving technological landscape.

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His commitment to gender balance in the tech community is evident in his “Ladies in Tech” initiative, providing support and mentorship to aspiring female tech talents.

Looking ahead, Femi’s platform, Tech Recruiting NG, plans various programs addressing the needs of the Tech Recruiting Industry in Nigeria. These include “Tech Savvy for C-suite,” a crash program for senior management to understand the dynamic tech sector, and “Discuss Techies,” facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing between HR and Tech communities.