Nigeria’s Blockchain space taking life of its own without CBN

Chris Ani, Entrpreneur at Cryptohub

At the just concluded Techpoint Inspired conference it became very clear that the blockchain space in Nigeria was no longer willing to forever second-guess what direction the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) would take. Prior to now, the most prominent talents in the space were the traders and managers of the exchange platforms.

However, at the Techpoint Inspired session sponsored by Luno Nigeria there was opportunity to listen and engage with people servicing the legal and governance side of the cryptocurrency market. Gradually an assortment of talent is emerging in the blockchain space and servicing the growing demand. The list of speakers was an indication of what is possible in the space. From a crypto lawyer, to an educator, a trader and good governance consultant the space is breeding new talents as it waits for the regulator’s nod.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity and attracting new experts. A 2018 report showed that cryptocurrency and blockchain-related job opportunities significantly increased in the US despite the slump the market experienced that year.

Blockchain includes a diverse range of underlying technologies, technical competencies, and applications. The different underlying functions demand different competencies required of engineers.

“The relative nascency of blockchain technology and the time required to gain blockchain expertise raises the question of how companies can best set themselves up for hiring the talent needed to successfully scale their blockchain projects into the future,” said Luke Horvat, an analyst with hrmagazine.

Owenize Odia, country manager of Luno Nigeria noted during the Techpoint session that while the CBN is taking its time to put together a regulation, having given the responsibility to a committee, exchanges like Luno are getting ready, through self-regulation and engaging the best talents in the market.

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