• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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New technology LED takes over incandescent light


In Nigeria today, the rising cost of self- power generation and monthly  energy bills are putting an already weakened middle class back at the  fringes.

Hence Nigerians have tried looking for cheaper alternatives to diesel/petrol generators. Although most have resorted to the use of  battery inverters which have to be charged when there is electricity,  thereby increasing electricity usage, others have realised that LED  light technology is known to have the advantage of long life and low  power consumption.

In the world over, this bold new technology is  phasing out the unsustainable incandescent light technology. At the 2015 Global Climate Conference held in Paris, world leaders revealed plans
to install ten (10) billion LED bulbs in the world and recently, the  Lagos State Government has also intensified efforts of adopting this new technology into the state through the Light Up Project, an initiative  aimed at providing adequate illumination across the state as promised by Akinwunmi Ambode, the Governor of Lagos State.

To help the governor fulfill his promise to light up Lagos state, iFLUX, LED lighting  experts from Hong Kong is now in Nigeria and has opened its flagship  store at Alaba international market in Lagos.

iFLUX is the first lighting brand in Africa to focus on premium LED lighting products with two years warranty.

The Alaba international market store opened will be the first exclusive LED lighting shop in Nigeria and iFLUX says it has plans to open at least  10 more chains of similar iFLUX brand stores across Nigeria this year.

Speaking at the store opening, Teddy Lee, Managing Director and Marketing chief  of iFLUX, said the brand hopes to help provide better lighting for  Nigerians and the rest of Africa.
“…a well lit Africa is achievable  and that is what our focus is at iFLUX and we’re glad to say that we are doing that now and we’ll continue to do so into the future,” he said.

The store opening showcased iFLUX range of high end LED light products,  stylishly crafted by some of the world’s best engineers in modern light  designs.

iFLUX says it is dedicated to offering quality LED  products to Nigerian end users at reasonable prices and with Two years  warranty to save them cost.


Jumoke Akiyode