Naira Diary selects theme for award ceremony

Naira Diary, a news blog in Nigeria committed to telling Nigerian stories and amplifying stories told by Nigerians, has announced the theme for this year’s Naira Diary Impact (NDI) Awards – THE HEROES.

‘Heroes’ refers to a group of extraordinary people worth recognizing and celebrating. However, when moved past the lexical notion of the word and think about the people considered to be modern day heroes, “we think of men and women who sincerely give their time, efforts and resources to make an impact in the lives of others, without seeking the accolades of people,” the company said.

Heroes as a NDI Awards project, was conceived with the sole aim of appreciating real life heroes and their ‘heroic’ actions. The project recognizes that there are heroes, and that not all of these heroes wear capes.

As a blog, Naira Diary says it has given a voice to the voiceless, promoted businesses and events, and led conversations in areas of national development within Nigeria. However, with NDI Awards 2022, this news and entertainment blog is looking to take it to the next level.

Heroes are loved by kids and adults alike. The idea that someone else makes sacrifices in order to help others overcome adversity, is one that many people are drawn to. According to the company, it’s also one reason why many movies with a heroic character do well in the Box office. “We admire heroes. We love them. And we long to be like them someday, somehow.”

The award project aims to recognize and celebrate people, groups, and entities who have contributed to improving the lives of others and making the society better. The initiative seeks to also publicize their work in a bid to inspire others to aspire to be heroes in their own spheres of influence.

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“Nigeria needs more of us to take the lead in serving others and this award project will be the wakeup call so many of us need to rise up and be the change we want to see,” the company said.

The NDI awards would rely on public nomination for its entries for nominations and subsequently vote for candidates. The nomination period is expected to last for four weeks, followed by a grand finale that would include both virtual and in-person voting.

The selection process would involve a jury whose primary responsibility is to properly

access the nominated individuals and compile the final list of nominees who would be voted for.

To promote fairness and transparency, the co company says the award project intends to thoroughly assess all nominated candidates through an assessment timeline of 12 to 14 months. During this time, the jury will be paying close attention to what these nominees did within the period. Each award category would have its individual eligibility criteria.

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