• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Microsoft’s AI initiative to empower startups

Microsoft’s AI initiative to empower startups

Microsoft has announced the launch of Build with AI, an initiative to empower startups to use artificial intelligence (AI) to build relevant solutions.

The initiative is housed within the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, providing founders with access to flexible templates designed to accelerate the creation and deployment of AI solutions.

According to the tech giant, the initiative provides founders with pre-built templates that act as shortcuts for developing and deploying AI solutions. These templates allow founders to easily integrate AI features like ChatGPT into their applications, connect ChatGPT to their app’s data using common coding languages like Python or JavaScript, and even create ChatGPT plugins.

These templates open in the founder’s preferred development tool, providing everything needed to understand, edit, and deploy them, including tips for customisation and troubleshooting with a click.

The update includes templates and an AI assistant within the Founders Hub, offering support at every stage of the startup journey. By providing founders with the necessary tools and resources, Microsoft aims to facilitate the creation of groundbreaking AI solutions that can drive growth and impact across various industries with tools at their disposal, founders can streamline their work and gain more time to focus on growing their businesses.