MEST, Prototipi, others to deploy EU project on technology adoption

DIGILOGIC, a three-year Horizon 2020 project to boost cooperation and long-term, sustainable partnerships between European and African Digital Innovation Hubs has been deployed by a consortium comprising of firms spread across the two continents.

The DIGILOGIC project received EUR 1.9 million grant from the European Commission (EC) in February as it is expected to pave way for innovators, startups, and SMEs to jointly develop smart logistics solutions in close cooperation with industries and investors.

The consortium includes three DIHs in Europe – Digital Hub Logistics Dortmund (Germany), VTT (Finland), and Friuli Innovazione (Italy); two DIHs in Africa – MEST (Ghana) and BongoHive (Zambia); the system change facilitator Endeva (Germany) and an SME Prototipi (Nigeria).

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During the project period, the partners will facilitate the adoption of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), machine learning, Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), smart devices, internet of things (IoT), and intelligent transport systems (ITS) for smart logistics solutions, through the deployment of a dynamic and impactful knowledge transfer process and a targeted implementation programme across Europe and Africa.

The partners will create the conditions for innovations, especially by SMEs, young innovators, startups, and mid-caps. They also provide access to technology-testing, skills development, financing advice, knowledge sharing, collaborative projects, brokerage, market intelligence, and networking opportunities.

In June 2021, DIGILOGIC plans to launch an interactive e-learning platform with on-demand and live business, design thinking, and smart logistics ICT modules. The e-learning platform will be free of charge and accessible at any time with on-demand and live webinars, documentation, dedicated thematic course, exercises, and assignments to enable learners to follow their learning path as per their needs, motivation, and tie availability.

Through the same platform, smart logistics experts will offer group and individual mentoring to innovators. Last but not least, the DIGILOGIC eLearning platform will also represent the place for peer-to-peer learning, where innovators can network and find the right partners to develop their proposals to DIGILOGIC’s so-called Challenges.

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