• Friday, December 01, 2023
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HitchAfrica’s borderless marketplace app to drive on-demand services

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HitchAfrica, an online marketplace for on-demand services for Africans is set to launch an innovative On-Demand Service experience for the African market that prioritises comfort, safety, and effortless transactions.

The app is a convergence of services including but not limited to taxi pick-up, fashion accessories, personal gadgets, restaurants, hotels, travel advisory, cosmetics, clothiers, and household items.

According to the platform, the app supports the lifestyle of luxury, and comfort, providing access to On-Demand Services at a click.

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With the ever-changing needs, and expectations of service delivery, the HitchAfrica, intends to facilitate accessibility, and ease of service without the consumer breaking a sweat to access On-Demand Services.

HitchAfrica app, which debuts on IOS Apple devices, and Play Store for Android devices, is user-friendly access in real-time across Nigeria. It plans to extend to other major cities across Africa.

In a statement ahead of its launch and full commencement of services, Paul Obalonye, HitchAfrica Cofounder/CEO, says “Hitch Africa app is our offering in response to meet the needs of the growing number of our people; our goal is to ensure that services offered are accessible and available at the click of a button to consumers, safely and sustainably.

“Hitch Africa app is our team’s collective response to match the expectations of consumers for a topnotch borderless marketplace, that provides access 24/7 to an extensive range of services, including rides, food delivery, groceries, mechanics, and an array of on-demand service providers.

“Hitch Africa isn’t just an app; it’s a transformative lifestyle experience redefining convenience, and accessibility to stress-free lifestyle.

“We’ve created a platform that seamlessly integrates convenience into every aspect of life. Whether you need a ride to your destination, a delectable meal brought to your doorstep, or access to specialized services like barbers, massages, cleaning, mechanics, and all other on-demand services, HitchAfrica delivers them all.

“We believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation while prioritizing the well-being of those who drive our success”, he said.