• Friday, April 12, 2024
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Google’s Gemini-powered chat tool now operational in Africa

Google’s Gemini-powered chat tool now operational in Africa

Google has announced that its Gemini AI-powered chat-like tool for Search Ads is now available for African businesses.

“The Gemini AI-powered chat-like tool is now fully operational and designed to help businesses in Africa and worldwide boost their online visibility.

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“Our conversational experience takes the complexity out of ad creation, empowering businesses of any size to easily craft campaigns that resonate with local audiences. This new addition features an easily accessible interface, tailored suggestions, visual inspirations, and overall control for the users,” the global firm said.

Google noted that with the increase in Internet penetration in Sub-saharan Africa, it is now pertinent for African businesses to reach customers effectively through online advertising.

“Creating effective ads can be time-consuming, especially for small businesses. Our new conversational experience helps businesses of all sizes tap into the power of Google AI to create successful Search campaigns with remarkable ease,” Shashi Thakur, VP and GM of Search Ads and Ads on Google Experiences, explained.

The firm noted that the conversational AI experience for Google Search Ads is available globally for English-speaking business owners, with plans to extend support to additional languages in the near future.

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This feature is part of Google’s broader initiative to empower small businesses in Africa by facilitating the creation of impactful Search ads. By automatically generating headlines and descriptions based on existing website content, Google’s AI dynamically enables ads to respond to relevant searches. This adaptive approach ensures that small businesses can effectively capture the attention of potential customers, enhancing their visibility in search results.