• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Google pauses Gemini’s AI picture generation feature

Google’s Gemini-powered chat tool now operational in Africa

Google has said it will pause Gemini’s AI picture generation tool because of inaccuracies detected in some historical depictions generated by the model.

Google’s Gemini began image generation weeks ago, but over the past few days, some users on social media have noted that the model returns historical images which are sometimes inaccurate.

“We are aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions.

“Gemini’s AI image generation does generate a wide range of people. And that’s generally a good thing because people around the world use it. But it’s missing the mark here,” Google said.

“Historical contexts have more nuance to them and we will further tune to accommodate that,” added Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director of Product for Gemini at Google.

The global tech firm notedgloat plans are underway to fix the issue with the image generation feature and as such they would be pausing to release a new version soon.

“We’re already working to address recent issues with Gemini’s image generation feature. While we do this, we’re going to pause the image generation of people and will re-release an improved version soon,” it stated.

Recall that Google renamed its AI tool from Bard to Gemini earlier this month and rolled out paid subscription plans to give users better responses from advanced versions of the AI model.