• Saturday, December 09, 2023
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Elon Musk’s Twitter memorabilia auction signals new era

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Elon Musk is putting the iconic Twitter logo signs and other pieces of company memorabilia up for sale after rebranding the social media platform.

The auction, named the “Legacy Auction,” offers a collection of 584 items that hold the essence of Twitter’s early days and a chance to own a piece of Twitter’s iconic past.

One of the most prominent items in this collection is the famous blue bird logo, the symbol that once defined Twitter.

However, the winning bidder will need to have the logo professionally removed from its current location on the side of a building. Also, the buyer is responsible for hiring an SF-licensed company with appropriate permits.

The auction isn’t limited to office relics; it’s a diverse assortment that reflects the multifaceted influence of Twitter. From the Twitter Bird Wood Coffee Table to the Hashtag Marquee Light, each item has a story to tell.

One particularly nostalgic piece is a painting depicting Ellen DeGeneres’s 2014 Oscar selfie, a moment that temporarily overwhelmed the platform due to its unprecedented popularity.

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The other is of the image that then-US President Barack Obama tweeted when he was re-elected in November 2012. At the time it was the platform’s most-liked tweet.

The auction also includes musical equipment ranging from guitars to drum kits and amplifiers, as well as a DJ booth with a controller, mixers, and speakers.

The minimum offer for each lot is $25 (£19.70), according to auction house Heritage Global Partners.

As the “Twitter Rebranding: Online Auction Featuring Memorabilia, Art, Office Assets & More.” The event is set to launch on September 12, enthusiasts, collectors, and observers alike are eagerly awaiting the transformation of these artifacts into cherished symbols of a new era in social media history.

This isn’t Musk’s first venture into auctioning Twitter-related items. Earlier this year, he orchestrated the sale of a bird statue and other office items. The bird statue alone fetched an impressive $100,000, demonstrating the strong interest surrounding these historical pieces despite ongoing company changes.

Under Musk’s visionary leadership, Twitter has undergone a radical transformation, shedding its previous identity and embracing the future as ‘X’. Musk’s strategic rebranding efforts are evident not only in the platform’s iconic X logo on its San Francisco headquarters but also in the renaming of services, like the transition from Twitter Blue to X Premium.

The auction is a significant moment not just for Twitter’s past but for Musk’s ambitious plans to make the platform a hub for all sorts of digital interactions.